Sports roundtable – Nov. 3, 2011


What would you rather watch: a university game or the Pan Am Games?

Autumn McDowell, Jonathan Hamelin, Britton Gray, Colton Hordichuk, Taylor Shire
This week's roundtable

Do you plan on attending any University of Regina sporting events this year?

Autumn McDowell: Of course. Since it is pretty much my job to go to the games and know what I am talking about when it comes to University of Regina sports, I will be there. At every game. Whether I like it or not. Every single goddamn game.

Jonathan Hamelin: Hell no. I was the sports editor last year, so I’ll leave that to the poor sucker who has the position this year. (Just kidding, Autumn and all the members of the university sports scene who were co-operative last year!)

Britton Gray: Yes, I will be attending university games. If your going to a school, you’ve gotta show your support by cheering on the sports teams and helping them be the best they can be.

Colton Hordichuk: It’s too early to tell.  I’ve always wanted to attend a U of R game, but I’ve never had any time. So I guess my answer is yes. Wait, I mean no. I’m going to change my answer back to yes.

Taylor Shire: If I pretend to turn my lectures into games, then yes.

How much time do you spend watching sports every week?

McDowell: Hmm, lets see. I probably go to six hours worth of university games each week plus probably a good sevenish hours of hockey and football I watch at home. If a UFC event is on there’s another solid three hours. So probably between 13 and 16 hours. Good god.

Hamelin: Well I am a freelancer for the Regina Leader-Post sports section, have edited their Saskatchewan Roughriders home game program and aspire to be a sports journalist, so naturally maybe an hour. I’ve found the more you start covering sports, the less time you have to watch sports. That comes with the territory of being a journalist, though; you have to be an expert on any subject that is thrown at you.

Gray: During the week I watch a few NHL games, but Sunday is when I do the majority of my sports watching. Nothing like waking up, watching football, eating supper, watching more football, then going to bed. GO COWBOYS!

Hordichuk: As of last week, I spent probably 20-plus hours watching my Ducks play on the NHL Centre Ice channels. My free trial is up, so I’m back to watching the Toronto Make-Me-Laughs make their ‘glorious push’ for Lord Stanley’s cup on CBC. A 6-2-1 record is a good enough to take the Presidents’ Trophy, right?

Shire: I’m an athlete. I play sports.

Do you even care about the last two Rider games this season?

McDowell: Meh, I don’t know. I guess part of me cares; it’s still sports so I will watch it. If I didn’t watch a game because a team was out of the playoffs, then I would be watching a hell of a lot less university sports. Zing. 

Hamelin: Oh snap, Autumn. I have nothing else to add to that.

Gray: Nope, these games mean nothing to me. I actually kinda stop following the CFL once the NFL season begins.

Hordichuk: I thought the Rider’s season was already over. I care more about watching the Colts go 0-16-0 than watching the Rider’s last two games. Peyton Manning for MVP.

Shire: I went to the last home game of the year against Hamilton… But it was mainly to use up my leftover drink tokens on long island iced teas. I got lucky and five out of eight drinks actually had booze in them! I’ll consider that a win.

Do you think Jordan Weal will make it to NHL?

McDowell: The guy is un-weal. The big knock on him is that he is small but boy does he have a nose around the net. Weal was projected to go 30th overall in the 2010 NHL entry draft, but ended up dropping to 70th. Barring an untimely injury, Weal will eventually play for an NHL team, though it may be a while before we see old Wealer in the show.

Hamelin: To properly assess that, it would require me having watched a minute of the Regina Pats in action, which – for the time restrictions I mentioned early – simply hasn’t happened.

Gray: Yeah, he could make it into the NHL if he works hard and is dedicated. By practicing and improving his game he could find his way into an NHL lineup.

Hordichuk: It’d be nice to see a former Pat make the NHL, but the Kings are too sound already and truthfully, they don’t need him.  One day he’ll be able to play along side Kopitar, Richards, Gagne, and the rest of the already loaded Kings offence – just not this year. 

Shire: It’s going to be a daunting task trying to make the deep Los Angeles Kings team for Weal. Hopefully he can Weal, er, “wheel”, his way in there somewhere, because if he can do in the NHL what he is doing in the WHL (see Eberle of less calibre), then he should be a strong player for whatever team he is on.

The Pan Am Games are happening right now, does anyone even care?

McDowell: The Pan Am Games are on? Lets be perfectly honest; no, I don’t care. I pay attention to them when I know someone that is competing, but other than that the Pan Am games are just interrupting my hockey-watching time.

Hamelin: If I don’t even have time to watch mainstream sports, there’s no way I have time to watch the Pan Am games.

Gray: No, football is on.

Hordichuk: I thought Pan Am was a T.V. show about an American airline starring Christina Ricci and Mike Vogel? I didn’t know there’s games based off of this. I can’t wait to see which flight attendant is going to take the crown for most customers served.

Shire: Oooh, that’s what Onrait and O’Toole were talking about on SportsCentre last night. After the ringette highlights. I get it now. So the answer is no, but for some reason I want to sing some Van Halen now.

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