Work with us! 

In addition to contributing to the newspaper, current students at the University of Regina have the opportunity to apply for staff positions. We look for passionate, engaged individuals who have a keen interest in building the university community, student life, and our non-profit corporation. 

If you are looking to get real-world workplace experience before you graduate, let us equip you with the skills and experience you are looking for! Whether it is managing our payroll and taxes, designing our covers and finding article images, or being out in the field interviewing an assortment of people, we have a position for you. Join us to become an integral part of our contrarian student newspaper working on news, investigative journalism, arts and sports coverage, opinions, graphics, and more. Become a student journalist.

In order to apply for any of the open positions posted below, you’ll need to email an application to with your resume and a cover letter. If you’re applying for a writing or editing position you’ll also be required to send in two writing samples that showcase your abilities. These can be pieces you’ve written for courses previously, academic papers, articles published in other papers, articles you’ve contributed to our paper, or even creative writing. Really, whatever you feel would give us a good idea of your ability to research, condense, and convey information, and/or to edit for grammar, structure, and clarity.

If you’re applying for a position where graphic editing or design may be a part of your role (Advertising Manager; Graphic Editor; Multimedia Editor; Production Manager; Web Manager), please give an overview of your experience in your cover letter; sending samples of previous work may aid us in sorting out the best role to place you in, and is encouraged if you have them available.


Sports & Health Editor – Hiring immediately: The Sports & Health Editor is responsible for their section, that being a minimum of two pages if the section has no writer, three pages if there is a writer, and a maximum page count of five if contributions allow; a minimum of one page in the Sports section must be written by the Sports & Health Editor. Other duties include coordinating and recruiting contributors; encouraging coverage of local organizations, teams, businesses, community organizations and events, campus clubs and teams; finding four-seven stories for each week’s pitch list; helping those writing for Sports with brainstorming, interview sourcing, and article direction; editing the section on production night. Necessary skills include good time management, English fluency and confidence in grammar, comfortability editing both grammar and structure of articles, and a proactive communication style.