Here are some upcoming things happening ’round the Carillon. Click the magic button below to join us in these meetings via Zoom! All members of the Carillon (currently registered students at the U of R) are welcome to attend any of the meetings below.

Upcoming Events

Board of Directors Meetings: The date, time, and location of each meeting will be listed below, and all of our membership (all registered students – that’s you!) are able to attend. Meetings happen at least once per month and are typically held over Zoom to ensure convenient access for all directors and students regardless of whether they can make it to campus. Any questions on board meetings or the board in general may be submitted to Tayef Ahmed ( as board chair.

In accordance with our constitution, the schedule for Board of Directors meetings will be released no later than 7 days before the start of the winter semester (January 1, 2024). Please keep your eyes on this page for that update!

Open Editorial Board Meetings: These meetings are a new addition to the newspaper’s student engagement efforts, and are an opportunity for any students to chat with available editorial staff about contributing to the newspaper by writing articles, submitting photography, or designing graphic elements or comic strips. Students will also be welcome to chat with staff about the content, appearance, and production of the paper, or to offer story tips if there are issues or events you believe we should have on our radar. All of these meetings will be held in our office (Riddell Centre 227) though we will also have a Zoom link available for anyone who really wants to come but is unable to attend on campus. We will be starting these back up in the fall semester, see you then!