The 66th volume of the Carillon is officially finished, and we are so grateful to all the contributors we’ve had over this volume. We are looking forward to beginning volume 67 and to hearing from new and old contributors. Once July hits, we’ll be looking for contributors to fill our pages with written and visual content all year. If you have story ideas, original writing, photography, or other works you’d like to see published in the Carillon, now’s the time to email our Editor-in-Chief ( with your ideas! If you’re looking to contribute but aren’t quite sure where to begin, scroll down to get a look at our CRLN courses, the guides written to help staff and contributors alike in creating their work.

Any current students, faculty, support staff, or alumni of the University of Regina can contribute to our newspaper. Article contributors have the opportunity to both hone their writing and get articles published in our news, arts & culture, sports & health, and op-ed sections. The editor of each section puts out a pitch list full of story ideas roughly a week and a half before issues are published. We have a page on our website where we post each issue’s pitch list, but you can also subscribe to be emailed each pitch list by clicking here.

We also have opportunities to publish original photography, poetry, artwork, and comic strips, so if writing isn’t your forte we still have ways for you to get involved. The final page of our newspaper is always devoted to a graphics spread, which can be submitted in parts for us to toss together or you can design the page yourself in full. Though publishing with student newspapers isn’t normally a paid opportunity at Canadian universities, the Carillon is currently able to offer these rates for each contribution whether it be an article or visual work:

Contributor Payment Structure: $20 - articles, images, poems, or fiction stories for graphics pages. $10 - comic strips, poems or fiction too short for graphics page, image/photo submitted with an article.


NOTE: All submissions must be covered by our Contributor Agreement, which can be found by clicking here: The Carillon’s Contributor Agreement – 2023

In order to make contributing a little smoother for anyone who wishes to, we’ve written four guides that outline information that may be useful in the process.

CRLN 100 – Sections: If you’re looking for descriptions of our newspaper’s five sections or the requirements, restrictions, and responsibilities of each section, this is where we’d recommend you begin. Examples of some of our best work in each section have been included to provide a better idea of the breadth of each section and the topics we prioritize as well.

CRLN 200 – Articles Styles: Though you are not restricted to the styles outlined here, we’ve decided to share six categories that articles generally wind up falling into to help get the ball rolling if you’re hitting creative blocks. There is a description of each and instructions for how to go about writing them, as well as a few examples from various sections to show how the final products compare.

CRLN 300 – Interviews: This aspect of article writing is commonly the most daunting for both staff and contributors, so we made an effort to break down the specifics and requirements of the process. Inside you’ll find our policy, direction, and a template for sending interview requests, as well as general guidelines for cleaning up your transcript and writing quotes into your article.

CRLN 400 – Style Guide: Here you will find definitions and examples for many types of punctuation, along with guidelines on formatting things like numbers and dates. We also realize that while contributors will be familiar with citing sources in their work academically they may not be comfortable attempting to cite without a specific style to adhere to, so this document ends with a short guide to citing sources in a newspaper.

We thrive and survive off our contributors, so get involved!
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We can’t wait to work with you!

Disclaimer: All contributions are reviewed by our editorial staff and although we welcome a variety of ideas and opinions, contributions that contain or infer racism, homophobia, transphobia (bigotry of any kind, really), or defamation of character are against our publication policy. Contributions containing such content will be denied any print or online publication through the Carillon.