We are committed to making the Carillon accessible to our continuously expanding network of students and alumni. As a result, we are now bringing the Carillon to you through the following places of service. If you’re interested in distributing our paper through a location of your own, please email our distribution manager at distribution@carillonregina.com and we’ll get started on adding you to our network.

Stone’s Throw Coffee House

1011 Kramer Blvd, Regina, SK, Canada
(306) 949-1404

Victoria Square Shopping Centre

2223 Victoria Avenue East, Regina, SK, Canada
(306) 789-1999

The Penny University Bookstore

3104 13th Ave, Regina, SK, Canada
(639) 571-2186

Aware House Books

2734 13th Ave, Regina, SK, Canada
(306) 757-2223

Elle’s Cafe

2811 13th Ave, Regina, SK, Canada
(306) 515-2222

Le Macaron 

2705 Quance Street E., Regina, SK, Canada
(306) 779-2253

The Mercury Cafe & Grill

2936 13th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada
(306) 522-4423


1947 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada
(306) 566-4094