Volume 66, issue 21 – work begins march 3, 2024 – publishes march 14, 2024

And if I peaked in high school // then maybe I wouldn’t care
but I was just another queer kid // and I thought that I’d be dead 
By the time that I turned 20 // guess I’m pushing all my luck 
Living past my life expectancy // ’cause trans kids normally don’t get this far

If you’re into defying limiting expectations (those of others as well as your own…) then I’d encourage you to check out the song above, but also to contribute written or visual content to our pages. Putting yourself and your work out can be intimidating, I understand that deeply, but if you don’t do things that intimidate you once in a while you’ll remain for your entire life exactly where you are now. Which is really more scary: facing a fear, or facing the rest of your life without allowing yourself the opportunity to grow?

All written and visual content for this issue will be due to the editor you confirmed it with by the end of the day on Saturday, March 9, and will be published on Thursday, March 14. You’ll be able to view this issue on our website, but also in print through 27 newsstands around campus as well as throughout Regina at Victoria Square Shopping Centre, The Penny University, Elle’s Cafe, Aware House Books, Le Macaron, The Mercury Cafe & Grill, O’Hanlon’s, and Stone’s Throw Coffee Collective.

holly funk – editor@carillonregina.com