Volume 66, issue 24 – work begins march 31, 2024 – publishes April 11, 2024

my sweet light, sweet love of mine // it might never again feel like it’s the right time
if it’s the end, well // let’s cross that line
let us step into the darkness // let’s step into the darkness

This last issue of volume 66 also marks my last issue as Editor-in-Chief of the Carillon. I’ve had the honour, horror, and pleasure of being changed through my experiences here at least as much as I’ve been able to improve the sorts of experiences people have here, and I will forever be grateful for the brilliance and kindness of those I’ve been blessed to work alongside. You may yet see my name again on these pages, but for now this is my bittersweet farewell as I prepare to leave you in the very capable hands of the Carillon staff who will remain.

Remember, never stay silent, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

For final issue 24 we have changed a couple of the sections as special one-off feature sections! The op-ed section remains as a space for students to share their thoughts and the graphics section is also following our regular routine, but the other three sections have some adjustments:
-The news section we’re looking to fill with the voices of students, faculty, and university community members in general, so you’ll see many “Carillon on the move”-style article ideas you’re encouraged to take up.
-Instead of an arts & culture section we’ve opted for a creative cache section where your poems, short stories, prose, and ponderings will be welcome.
-News gets a bad rap for always reporting on what’s going wrong, when in truth what happens is that journalists are responsible to cover events happening out of the ordinary (and yes, sure, some of these happen to be negative things, but not all). To play satirically off what news could look like if this weren’t the case and coverage could happen of events that happen unremarkably, the sports & health section is now the non-news section instead for the not good, the not bad, the not ugly; for the exactly-as-expected.

All written and visual content for this issue will be due to the editor you confirmed it with by the end of the day on Saturday, April 6, and will be published on Thursday, April 11. You’ll be able to view this issue on our website, but also in print through 27 newsstands around campus as well as throughout Regina at Victoria Square Shopping Centre, The Penny University, Elle’s Cafe, Aware House Books, Le Macaron, The Mercury Cafe & Grill, O’Hanlon’s, and Stone’s Throw Coffee Collective.

holly funk – editor@carillonregina.com