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The Happiest of Halloweens: adult style trick-or-treating

Awww…two happy little dolls. / Katelyn Billett

Awww…two happy little dolls. / Katelyn Billett

It was Halloween night in 2000-something and probably almost snowing. They were twenty-something years old and bored out of their minds.

Jealous of the unappreciative kids dragging pillowcases burdened with candies, Megan decided to look through her old costumes to appease the pain that comes with growing too old for fun, childish activities. She found some miniature princess dresses, an old sparkly tap costume, and oh! What was this? Her old Raggedy Anne costume! Heart full of glee, she immediately attempted to fit into the dress. With only a small amount of tummy sucking, jumping, and wiggling, she fit. There was only one thing missing: Andy. Raggedy Anne threw a red wig on her head and hobbled as fast as she could without ripping any seams down the street to Laura’s house.

When Laura opened the door, there was no surprise at seeing her best friend squashed into a much out-grown doll outfit, only excitement. Without delay, she bolted down the stairs and grabbed her Andy costume (which she, of course, knew the exact location of) and proceeded to struggle into it. A few squeals and near rips later, she was dressed as the doll. Though she couldn’t quite stand up straight without giving herself a major wedgie, the transformation was complete. After nearly a decade apart, Raggedy Anne and Andy stood side-by-side once more.

Happier than most of the ten-year olds who were trick-or-treating on that frightful night, the pair of rag dolls were ready to try their luck at getting the good stuff. They were determined to trick-or-treat adult style – a.k.a. show up at everyone’s house that you know and demand alcohol or chocolate.

First stop: the church.

The poor parishioners didn’t know what to make of this odd pair. These two young women existed in a strange category: were they adults or children? Squashed into costumes that seemed as though they were made for twelve-year-olds (they were), the pair looked absurd, even on Halloween. So, the kind souls of the parish took no chances and offered treats of both varieties: adult hot chocolate and a Ziploc bag full of candies.

Next stop: a family friend’s house. Ding-dong.

“Trick or Shot!” the pair shouted. An uncomfortable laugh greeted them at the door, followed with a shove of mini chocolate bars into Anne and Andy’s hands through a door that couldn’t close quickly enough. Disappointed, but not disheartened, the dolls continued.

Next stop: a friend of the parents’. Ding-dong.

“Trick or Shot!” the friends laughed. The door opened, and a familiar face broke into a much too excited grin. There was an immediate lunge toward the liquor cabinet and one, two, (three?) warm tricklings down the throat.

“Is this a trick?” some wondered as they saw two overstuffed dolls awkwardly shuffle through the streets. “These girls are too old for this – they look like idiots.”

Idiots indeed. But, these idiots are ones with a lifetime’s worth of laughter and adventure already in their twenty-plus years on earth.

Halloween is leaves and decay, sugar and other terrible things for your body, but it is also friendship. Eighteen years of dressing in funny, embarrassing, creative, or last minute costumes bring people together like nothing else.

From parkas under your pumpkin suit, to leggings under your “costume” to ensure you aren’t that slutty pumpkin, to failed attempts at sewing your own outfit, these are the ways that friendship turns colour. But, unlike the leaves on a tree, this is one friendship that will not fall to the ground, decomposing into a gooey something. No, this friendship ends with laughter and, of course, chocolate and a bottle of wine – ingredients that guarantee the happiest of Halloweens.

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