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author: shelbi glover | a&c writer

Another improv event comes to Regina/Courtesy of Hitchhikers Improv

Hitchhikers Improv’s Cam Chomyn gives insight into the upcoming event

This week, I sat down with Hitchhikers Improv’s Cam Chomyn to discuss the upcoming Prairie Bowl, which is being hosted for the first time ever in Regina! If you’re wondering what that is and how you can see it – which, of course you are – never fear. It’s all laid out for you right here.

What is your experience as an improviser?

CC: I have been performing, teaching, and producing for seven years. I have traveled the country making people laugh.

What is the Prairie Bowl?

CC: Prairie Bowl is a short-form improvisation tournament that travels across the prairies. The tournament began in Edmonton inviting the best teams from across the prairies to battle it out for the prestigious Prairie Bowl Cup.

What’s the significance of it being in Regina?

CC: For years Hitchhikers Improv has travelled to compete, but this year we get to invite some of the best improvisers from the prairies to come share the stage with us. We love to showcase talent from around Canada and bring them to our beautiful city!

What does improv mean to you?

CC: Improv is not only an amazing art form but also like a family. You get to meet amazing people from all over the world with this beautiful art form, and anytime we can bring our family home we take advantage of it. Improv is also a chance to escape from our busy lives for a couple of hours. You get to enjoy a room full of laughter and I believe it’s one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

What are your hopes for the improv community in Regina and in the prairies?

CC: When people think of big improv cities they imagine Toronto or Vancouver, but I believe Regina has one of the richest improv communities, and it is continually growing. I would like for Regina to grow into the city that people move to for good improv, or stay here because of the community we have built. I also want all of Canada get jealous of this amazing tournament that’s exclusive to the prairies.

What companies are you most excited to see at the festival?

CC: Rapid Fire Theatre from Edmonton is known for short-form improv, and they will keep you rolling on the floor laughing. Also, Kinkonauts from Calgary have been our good friends for years and are bring some of the funniest people we know. Our sister company, Eyez Up Here, is packing some of the funniest people from Regina and are going to kill it in their first tournament appearance. In other words, all the talent coming is must-see!

When and where can people come out to see it?

CC: The tournament runs from Nov 30-Dec 1 at the Artesian. Shows are $10 and start at 8. On Saturday, we are also featuring a double show, as the finals will run that night also. It’s going to be such a lovely weekend for laughter and I really suggest checking out a show. You will not be disappointed.

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