Board of Governors appoints Bosgoed

Gary Bosgoed is known for his work with Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Photo - Worley Parsons

Gary Bosgoed is known for his work with Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Photo – Worley Parsons

U of R alumnus takes on new role

A vacancy on the University of Regina Board of Governors has led to the appointment of Gary Bosgoed, an alumnus of the University of Regina’s engineering program.

In his time at the University, Bosgoed was heavily involved in student activities, becoming president of the Engineering Students’ Society “a couple times.” He was also active on the University of Regina Students’ Union, and Student Senate. After graduating, Bosgoed went on to become president of the alumni association, and was an active fundraiser. After moving to Edmonton, he headed the Edmonton alumni branch.

Bosgoed says his activities both during and after his time at university likely helped him in being shoulder-tapped for the Board of Governors position.

After convocating from the University, Bosgoed went on to head a number of projects, and currently is CEO of Bosgoed Project Consultants Ltd.

“I’ve been an engineer, I’ve had experience running large businesses, I’ve done that for many years and done that globally. My ambition is to bring those years of experience back to my university who launched me on my life journey, gave me success, and was foundational to that success. I believe I will bring my relationships with industry and my best practices in that regard to the University. I’m anxious to engage in any way that I can with student success.”

“I remember being at the University with John Archer, and he was always reminding us of the origins of the university, and why it was important in the province, and the country for the people of that time.”

“I’ve looked at the strategy to familiarize myself, and I’m very happy with the focus being on the students’ and community. I’m also very impressed with the indigenization strategy, and how much things have changed. I think it’s been a very positive direction,” said Bosgoed.

Bosgoed is well known for his work with Indigenous communities, and in particular for his help in creating the Saskatchewan and Alberta Aboriginal Construction Careers Centre programs, which have provided construction jobs to over 10,000 Aboriginal people.

Bosgoed says that his first priority will be getting up to date. He also noted that he visits the University at least once a year and keeps in contact, “so I’m probably not that out of the loop.”

“Being involved in the alumni branch has probably helped with [keeping up to date]. I’ll be caught up on board business, but I’m very, very interested in how students are doing, and how faculty are doing. I’d like to talk to people individually and in groups. I’ve had the opportunity over the years, and I’d like to continue doing that.”

President Timmons was quick to offer praise, saying she was “very happy to welcome Gary back to the University of Regina in this new capacity.”

Timmons added that “his breadth of experience and his perspective as an alumnus, business leader and community leader make him a welcome addition to our Board.”

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