The You and Yours series


by adeoluwa atayero, Contributor

Part One

Who will you blame,

If the child inside you dies?

Whose fault will it be,

When your inner songs are silenced?

Who will you run to,

If all your gifts are taken from you?

Not the one you allowed to steal your light,

Nor the times you allowed to try you.

Not the hopelessness you allowed to cloud your nights,

Nor the fools you allowed to clown you.

It’ll be you and yours.

Your song to sing and your tears to cry.

A sad tale with no morals to save it,

A blame game with an irrelevant ending.

Who will you blame,

If you continue to be a joker in their game?

Not them and theirs,

Never me nor mine.

Always you and yours.

Part Two

I’m me.

You’re you.

It’s simple isn’t it?

My existence should be independent of yours,

But why won’t you let it?

I’m a being golden and crowned,

Bright smiles and colorful grammar.

I move in a chaos all my own.

A tiger striped butterfly, swift and honed.

You’re a coward though,

Petty and sly.

Vengeful at best,

For rest you detest.

I’m me.

You’re you.

The time has come, can’t you see?

To set yourself,

Free from me.

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