Altercation reported on campus


author: Kristian Ferguson | news editor


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Campus security responds to incident

On Wednesday Dec. 5, an altercation took place at the University of Regina. The Carillon heard reports of an assault near the lab cafe and investigated.

Everett Dorma, Public Affairs Strategist for the University of Regina, was able to provide some clarification.

“There was an altercation that took place at the university on Wednesday around 7 PM.”

“It involved a non-student and a student. It started in the library before moving outside. Campus security was able to respond and assist while they waited for the police.”

Dorma also dispelled rumour of a stabbing.

“To my knowledge, no one was seriously injured.”

Neither the victim nor the accused assailant have been able to be identified at this time.

Dorma was hesitant to provide any more details on what may have caused it or what brought a non-student to campus as he did not wish to affect any potential court cases.

Pat Patton, Director of Campus Security, reiterated much of the same.

“Campus security responded to an altercation that was taking place on the green near the classroom and lab building[s].”

“Security handcuffed the aggressor for their own protection while they waited on city police to arrive.”

Similarly, Patton did not want to let her comments affect any court cases and was unable to say more.

The Carillon will continue to provide more information as the story develops. As of press time the Regina City Police have been contacted for comment.


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