Sports roundtable – Nov. 17, 2011


Do you have a favourite Sedin sister, or are they equally annoying?

Autumn McDowell, Britton Gray, Natasha Tersigni, Jonathan Hamelin
This week's roundtable

Do you think that fighting should be allowed in CIS hockey?

Autumn McDowell: Oh God, yes! I love watching CIS hockey as it is, but if two players could possibly drop the gloves and duke it out at any moment without any suspensions, that would make me love it even more. I can almost guarantee more fans would show up if they knew a fight would most likely break out. The day I am at a CIS hockey game and two goalies throw bombs or a line brawl breaks out will be one of the greatest days of my life.

Britton Gray: While fighting may be part of the game, I don’t believe that they should have fighting in the CIS. It’s still a rough sport and should remain one. but it’s also a school sport and fighting should be kept to a minimum when dealing with school. Does anyone want to be known as the “goon school”?

Natasha Tersigni: Hell yes! No one comes to the games to begin with. Maybe fighting would make it more exciting. Also, if the CIS is going to be training players to play at higher levels then they need to learn to fight in university.

Jonathan Hamelin: Sure, because why rely on talent anymore? In fact, how about they put an octagon in the middle of the hockey rink and two untalented grinders can beat the shit out of each other. The loser will have to put skates on and actually play the game.

Which current Rams player has the best chance of having a long career in the CFL?

McDowell: I’m going to go with Chris Bodnar on this one. Many of the Rams players are talented and could surely make it to the CFL, but Bodnar could have a lengthy career kickin’ it. Also, he isn’t injured right now – knock on wood, oh God, knock on wood – so he has to be at the top of the list.

Gray: Chris Bodnar, because kickers have the longest life expectancy in pro football. Just look at Paul McCallum or John Carney, who was kicking well into his forties.

Tersigni: The assistant equipment manager, Isaiah Dawson, seems to being doing a good job and hopefully a CFL team will pick him up soon, hopefully. On a side note: GO BOMBERS GO!

Hamelin: Adrian Charles. Not only is he a stellar running back, but if he makes it to the professional level, and the quarterback or coach needs to instruct Charles where to go, they can yell, 'Yo Adrian!'

Do you think that Joe Paterno, Penn State’s head coach, should have been fired?

McDowell: I’ll go ahead and say yes. He claims to have been “fooled,” but being fooled for 15 years, I mean come on. I know the guy is old, and may not be able to see 20/20 at the best of times, but still, he should have done something – anything, for that matter. He is going out as the most winningest coach in major U.S. college football history; it’s hard to feel bad for the guy.

Gray: Joe Paterno was probably going to retire at the end of this year, and for someone who spent 44 years as the head coach of a program I think he should’ve stayed on for the remainder of this year. While Joe should’ve done way more to help put a stop to what was going on there, he still helped turn Penn State into a powerhouse and that should remain his legacy.

Tersigni: Yes. That guy is a slimeball. Being a coach means you need to be a role model, and he certainly was not acting like one. Penn State should have had the balls to fire him, not suspend him and thus forcing him to resign.

Hamelin: The man is 84 years old. It was time for him to go.

Daniel vs. Henrik: who is your favourite Sedin?

McDowell: Please don’t make me choose; I hate the Sedin sisters so much. They’re good players obviously, but am I the only one that thinks they have punch-appeal? Just sayin.

Gray: Neither. They can both retire right now and I would not shed a tear or read the article announcing it twice. Maybe if they played for a good team – the Ottawa Senators perhaps – I would care, but until then they are both average at best to me.

Tersigni: You can’t really tell who is hotter with their helmets on, so I say unfair question.

Hamelin: Definitely the Swedish one. No wait, the one who has red hair. Wait, changed my mind again, definitely the one who plays for the Vancouver Canucks.

The CHL Subway Super Series is in town on Nov. 16; are you going to the game or do you even care?

McDowell: I most certainly am. Basically I will take any opportunity to watch hockey, and if that’s watching some junior players go to war while trying to impress world junior coaches I will most definitely take it.

Gray: Nope. While I think it would be awesome to watch, my schedule does not allow me to attend

Tersigni: What sport is CHL? But Subway Super Series sounds pretty legit. I would so go if they gave away free macadamia nut cookies.

Hamelin: The Subway Super Series is one of my favourite times of the year. Watching dozens of subs duke it out and toss toppings is deliciously enjoyable. We’ll see if last year’s winner, roast beef on Italian herb and cheese, can fend off up-and-coming star buffalo chicken on nine-grain.

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