Sports roundtable – Nov. 10, 2011


It’s the month when Just for Men sales shoot through the roof

Autumn McDowell, Jonathan Hamelin, Colton Hordichuk, Taylor Shire
This week's roundtable

Will you be participating in Movember?

Autumn McDowell: Well, since I can’t grow a sweet muzzy, or any muzzy for that matter, and the idea of not shaving my legs for a mouth makes me want to puke, I will not be directly participating. However, I will be donating to the boys with the sweetest stashes, so get going boys. Just for Men if you have to. I won’t frown upon it.

Colton Hordichuk: I should be, but my mustache status is still pending. I’m currently waiting on Biznasty2point0’s approval on Twitter to borrow his mustache/soul patch combination.

Taylor Shire: Of course. It’s not only a good excuse to grow a duster; it’s a good cause. Hey, did you guys know Autumn is a smokeshow AND she loves sports?

Jonathan Hamelin: The thing about Movember is – wait, what does Autumn being a “smokeshow” have to do with Movember?

Which Rams player deserves MVP honours this year?

McDowell: Tough to say. You could definitely make an argument for Adrian Charles and his 911 rushing yards. You could also make one for Jamir “Mr. Interception” Walker, not to mention Akiem Hicks and Mark McConkey. However, I think I would give this one to Zach Olyenik, coming in as a slotback-turned-quarterback four games into the season really seemed to spark the team and it almost certainly wouldn’t have gotten to the playoffs without him stepping up.

Hordichuk: Football is a team game, so I’m going to say all of them deserve MVP honours.

Shire: Everyone is going to say Adrian Charles. Maybe I should just talk about how busy I am writing for certain publications that I have no time to watch the Rams. Not naming any names. Hey-O.

Hamelin: Chris Bodnar. Sure he’s a kicker, but it seemed like whenever I read a Rams recap it would say, ‘Bodnar added a field goal’ or ‘Bodnar recorded a rouge’. Even when the points were low, Bodnar was always putting up points on the scoreboard. It’s just too bad his scores didn’t count for more than three points.

Who do you hope wins the Grey Cup this year?

McDowell: Looks like I’m going to have to cheer for my boy Paul Woldu and the Montreal Alouettes. Run it back, Paul. However, I will definitely not be cheering for Montreal because of Calvillo. Is it wrong that I hate him? If hating Calvillo is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Hordichuk: Anyone but Montreal. Calvillo is an amazing quarterback to watch, but I’m sick of watching them win so much. Plus, I can’t stand Marc Trestman. He acts like he has worked so hard to turn Montreal into a winning team, even though they’ve been dominant for the last decade. I truly hope they get ousted first.

Shire: I hope they run out of footballs in the Grey Cup game and nobody wins. Or somebody loses on a too-many-men penalty.

Hamelin: The Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The last time they won the Grey Cup, the Winnipeg Jets were on their first stint in the NHL. With the Saskatchewan Roughriders defeating the Bombers in 2007, the Blue and Gold is the new loser of the CFL. It would be pretty special for a prairie team to win, and if it can’t be the Riders it might as well be the Bombers.

Sean Avery: Love him or hate him?

McDowell: The guy is entertaining and almost always makes me laugh. Whether it’s saying outlandish comments, being given obscene gestures,  or being sent down to the minors, Sean Avery is good at what he does: being annoying. Though he is most certainly an asswhole, there is one on every hockey team; he just happens to be the Rangers.

Hordichuk: Although Sean Avery is the biggest pain in the ass to ever play hockey, he deserves to be in the NHL. I love watching him play. He plays the game his own way, and he’s awesome at it. Haters gonna hate.

Shire: I’m just going to say one thing, “I’m really happy to be back in Calgary; I love Canada. I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about, but enjoy the game tonight.” That’s Sean Avery talking about Dion Phaneuf. Come on. That’s gold.

Hamelin: I love to hate him and hate to love him. I love his hate and hate his love. I’m sorry, I don’t watch enough hockey,

Do you plan on attending any professional games this season?

McDowell: I am determined to get to an NHL game this season. I have never been to one before, which is really disgusting when you think about it. I tried for months to get to Jets vs. Pens game on Oct. 17. but was out of luck. The two play each other again on Dec. 23. I hope to be in Winnipeg decked out in Pens gear.

Hordichuk: Winnipeg Jets versus the Tampa Bay Lightning, Nov. 14th.  She’s gonna’ be a beauty. I was too young when the Jets were in the league for the first time, so now I’m capitalizing on my chances.

Shire: Is midget wrestling at the Italian Club a professional sport? If so, then yes.

Hamelin: Now that the Roughrider season is over, I wasn’t planning to. Midget wrestling sounds kind of cool, though. Didn’t know that was around.

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