Sports Roundtable – Feb. 28


[1A]roundtableHello playoffs, goodbye wrestling

Braden Dupuis, Kris Klein, Britton Gray, Autumn McDowell

Which University of Regina sports team do you think will go the farthest in the playoffs?

Dupuis: There have been some pleasant surprises in Cougar athletics this year, with more than a few teams improving on last year’s records. While I’m obviously hoping the best for every playoff team, I’m thinking our best shot is the women’s b-ball squad, who has a chance to win a CIS championship at home.

Klein: Probably the Cougar women’s basketball team, considering they are what, second in the country? I would like to throw a wild card out there for the track and field team on the shoulders of Craig “Don’t call me Roger” White. That is if track and field has playoffs.

Gray: I believe that the women’s basketball team has the best chance of going the farthest in playoffs. They are a team with great veterans on their team and a head coach that has been around for a while. I’m expecting them to go far.

McDowell: Well, had I asked myself this question last week, I would have picked the women’s hockey team, because I would have wanted to be different from everyone who will obviously pick the women’s basketball team. But, that was before the hockey team lost 7-1, so women’s basketball it is.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed CFL bad boy, Dwight Anderson. What do you think of this signing?

Dupuis: Call me jaded or ignorant if you must, but there are so many personnel changes in the CFL that I honestly don’t care whose names are on the jerseys anymore. As long as I can watch the Riders and there’s even the slightest chance they might win, I’m happy.

Klein: I like the signing personally. He is one of the best shut down DB’s in the game and it gives the defence some character that they lost when Odell Willis signed with the Eskimos. Plus he has a great head of hair.

Gray: I think its a good signing and can help add some character to the team. I believe that the staff of the Riders felt that this signing would help them reach the Grey Cup this year. Although, with the amount of alcohol I’ll be drinking during the Grey Cup parties, I may not be able to recognize who is playing.

McDowell: I love a good trash talker, and to have the best one in the league on your roster is never a bad thing. Dwight Anderson is the type of player that you hate to play against, but love to have on your side. Yes Taylor, I stole that line from you too.

Wrestling was recently taken out of the Olympics, what are your thoughts on this change?

Dupuis: I heard about this, and thought it was a bit odd. Wasn’t wrestling like, the first Olympic sport ever? I can’t say I’m overly bothered by it, but it’s got me thinking about what the Olympics will look like 100 years from now (insert tired future joke here).

Klein: Well, if they did wrestling like WWE it would the most popular and entertaining sport in Olympic history. And besides, how does wrestling get kicked out but power walking and ribbon gymnastics stay in?

Gray: I am against this decision to take wrestling out of the Olympics. It has been a part of the event for many years and is one of the sports with the most history behind it. While it may not be the most exciting sport to watch, it deserves a spot at the Olympics.

McDowell: It must be one of the worst feelings ever to train your entire life to be in the Olympics and then suddenly your sport is ripped away from your dead, lifeless fingers. Like, that must suck to have done all of that work for nothing. I just want to make sure that everyone realizes how much time they wasted.

Recently there has been a lot of talk that athletes are not happy with the negative messages they receive on Twitter and other social media outlets. Do you think that social media has a negative effect on athletes performances?

Dupuis: It’s possible. Both the best and worst thing about Twitter is that anyone can use it, which sadly includes all of the racist, bigoted morons dumb enough to talk shit to athletes on Twitter. Sadly, the only real solution is for public figures to avoid social media altogether or ignore the haters, which is probably harder than it sounds.

Klein: Look, you are getting paid millions to play a sport. You have enough money to own an island in the Gulf of Mexico. So stop whining and win a damn Stanley Cup, Calgary!

Gray: I don’t think social media has negatively affected the athletes, but the athletes have allowed themselves to be negatively affected by it. All it does is allow fans the opportunity to tell the athletes what they really think of them to them directly, something they have never had before

McDowell: Oh boo hoo. You know what, I’m really sick of these athletes constantly whining. One week it’s about money, the next it’s about something bad someone said about them. Tell someone who cares. Last week, a ton of bad stuff was said about me on Twitter and I just sat there and took it. Actually, I sat quietly by myself and cried. Kidding.

Just for fun: What is your favourite sports video game and why?

Dupuis: NHL 13 hands down, because, duh, hockey, but if you asked eight-year-old me this same question the answer would no doubt be Super Dodgeball for the NES. This game rocked my fucking socks for hours on end. If you ever get a chance to play it, I suggest you take that chance, and invite me.

Klein: NHL Rock the Rink for the old Playstation. Quick story, one time I was playing my buddy’s brother and every time you score you could taunt the opposition with some guy yelling “loser!” over and over. Safe to say I did that so much that he threw the Playstation against a wall and broke it. Best day ever.

Gray: Since the NFL is my favourite sport to watch, Madden is my favourite video game to play. There’s nothing better than leading the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl because deep deep down I know that that is the closest they are going to get to one (Sad face)

McDowell: The 90’s kid in me wants to say Punch Out, does anyone else besides me remember that game? With it’s horrible graphics and flashing TKO sign, no? Well, then my next choice is NHL 13, but the hits are a little bit ridiculous. Kane ran over Malkin in it the other day, and Malkin landed directly on his head, like we’re talking major headstand here.

Photo by Arthur Ward

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