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“So, how does it feel to cheat a snowy death once again.”/ Action Sports via YouTube

“So, how does it feel to cheat a snowy death once again.”/ Action Sports via YouTube

There has been a big ol’ controversy surrounding the NHL’s All-Star Weekend festivities. First off, do you think the John Scott situation was handled well by the league? Second, did you watch? And third, do you think that the event is worth the hoopla? Why or why not?

DK: I didn’t watch the NHL All-Star stuff. I had better things to do like watch Netflix. But, I did see one of my friends say something on Facebook about Scott. However, I really don’t remember what he said, and I really don’t feel like scrolling through his wall to find out. In other words, NHL controversy is never worth it.

BG: One thing I think everyone can agree on is that the NHL came across as the villains in this story. As for the next two questions, I think we can lump them together. I did watch but not too see perennial all-stars Kane and Karlsson play, but because I was rooting for John Scott to score and really stick it to Bettman and the League. John Scott accomplished something the league hasn’t been able to do in years, make the All-Star Game fun and interesting.

AS: Well shit, Scott was the MVP, his helmet is going in the Hall of Fame, he was voted into the All-Star Game by fans, and the League tried to bury this guy and keep him from playing. So no, I don’t think it was handled well; it seems like this should have been a non-issue. It was cool to see a loveable goon like him score two goals, though admittedly, I only watched the highlights. I only watched the highlights because I really don’t care about all-star games. They’re usually boring as hell, but admittedly, this time around, there was some drama.

BL: The NHL handled the situation horribly, let’s be real for a second. I did watch and it made the games extremely entertaining having the John Scott element in there, and it definitely gave a breath of fresh air to the All-Star Game. John Scott made the 2016 NHL All-Star Game.

Super Bowl 50 is almost upon us. Who ya got – the Broncos and Peyton Manning’s forehead or the ever jubilant Cam “I swear I’m always this hype” Newton and his Carolina Panthers? Defend your choice.

DK: I don’t watch CFL football, let alone NFL football, so I really can’t comment. I also don’t care. But, if I have to choose, I’m going to go with the Panthers, ‘cause panthers are jungle cats, jungle cats are cats, and I love cats. That’s enough logic right?

BL: Carolina, no question. They’re just simply too dominant on both sides of the ball. Sorry, Peyton, your career will end with a loss.

AS: I don’t care about football in the slightest, especially the NFL. It takes forever, you watch more commercials than you see play, it’s boring, etc. But, there was an SNL skit with Peyton Manning that was pretty great, and he does look goofy. Like, in an old movie he’d be the character going, “Awww shucks, deputy!” And getting into shenanigans. So based on that ri-fucking-diculous criteria, go Broncos.

BG: SuperCam for MVP and SuperCam for the Super Bowl. He has been the best player this year, but more impressive is that he’s somehow managing to have legitimate fun playing in the No Fun League. His personality combined with talent makes him a star, and he’s going to cement his place as the next great QB by beating one of the greatest in the biggest game of the year. #Dab

John Scott’s piece on the Player’s Tribune was a rousing one. What kind of impact do you think a website such as this, which puts the player’s voice first, can have on sports journalism?

AS: Having players write op-eds is a great idea. It can circumvent an editorial board that might not want to ruffle feathers or piss on the hand that feeds them, and it gives a candid look/outlet that seems to be missing from sports journalism. However, the long-form feature pieces on athletes can’t be beaten. If you aren’t familiar with it, read “The Loser” by Gay Talese. Both forms can co-exist, so let’s see more of both!

DK: I have not read the piece, but I always find it pretty dang cool when journalists put people’s voices first. Gives some more flair and new perspectives. It’s always good when you read things right from the hockey players’ mouths… ‘cause then you can actually understand what they say despite their missing teeth.

BG: I think it can offer an insight that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere. It gives someone who may not necessarily be interviewed all that much, like John Scott, a chance to tell their story and give a real human element to players. It seems that, as fans, we can often forget that these players have families and lives away from the sport.

BL: I love the Players Tribune. I am always on it; it’s interesting seeing the other side of athletes. In Scott’s case, he gave his side of the situation and handled it perfectly.

With Mark McMorris attaining X Games glory, it begs the question: who is your favourite Saskatchewan athlete, past or present?


AS: It isn’t either of the McMorris’. Wait, do both of them do sports? Does one just hangout and chill while the other does backflips and stuff? Man, I’d rather be the guy chillin’, but hey, I have no clue what the hell I’m talking about. We’ve got a bunch of hockey players… I mean, professional hockey players. But also just generally we’ve got a bunch of people who play hockey ’round these parts. Do we have any professional darts players? Oh it’d totally be one of them. If we do, my favourite Saskatchewan athlete is professional darts player ____________. Darts is a sport. Tell me why darts isn’t a sport!


DK: Who is Mark McMorris? What does he even do in the X Games? Whatever. If I’m being an egotistical dick, my favourite Saskatchewan athlete is myself ‘cause I’m just plain awesome. If I’m being legit and refraining from sarcasm, my favourite Saskatchewan athletes are my softball teammates (even though they’re not all from Saskatchewan *laughs out loud*). They are just gems, and I love them.


BL: I’ll go with Gordie Howe. I never got to see him play, but the fact that he had the longevity to survive in professional hockey and still compete at a high level all those years, it has to go to Howe.
BG: While Saskatchewan is known for hockey, I think it is absolutely incredible that we have a person from Saskatchewan playing in the PGA Tour. Graham DeLaet has been able to be one of the few Canadians on the PGA tour and often goes out and performs well.

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