Chiefs win for first time in 50 years

Chiefs win 31-20. Saden via Flickr

Where did you watch the big game? At Mahomes…

Well, Patrick Mahomes is going to be the new Tom Brady isn’t he? Oh no, go ahead and take the league by storm. What? Kansas City is down by 10 late in the fourth? Meh, just throw a couple of touchdowns, energize your defence to make a couple of key stops and there you have it, your very own Super Bowl. Honestly, why do we even play the other three quarters of football? Mahomes may as well have his own custom-made visor that just shows it’s the fourth quarter every quarter, the man would put up eight TD’s a game … I’m not upset, you’re upset.

So yeah, if you didn’t hear the 49ers lost in the big game and the Kansas City Chiefs took home the ultimate prize of the NFL. Me being salty aside, it was actually a pretty decent game all things considered. There was never a dull moment throughout, it was tense, it was high-octane, it was some other term that sports broadcasters never fail to repeat again and again. When it was 10-10 heading into the second half, I thought, “This is going to go to overtime isn’t it? And Mahomes is going to score, isn’t he?” Well, yes, but no.

Props where props are due, Patrick won the Super Bowl MVP (deservedly so). You can’t argue the kind of talent that is put on display game after game with this young QB. The man is 24 years old and he just played on the biggest stage of them all like it was Thursday Night Football. Let me say that again: 24! I’m 25! Really puts my life in perspective, I’ll tell ya. Mahomes is killing it and his run of success doesn’t look to be slowing in the slightest.

Now, before moving on to other aspects of the Super Bowl, I’ll make a quick statement about the status of my Carillon Super Bowl prediction streak, it took a harder dive than the Falcon’s Super Bowl lead. 2-1 as it stands now. Honestly, it’s kind of a relief because now I don’t have to annoy everybody with this anymore. I’m sure my editor-in-chief is more thankful than most (probably the sports editor as well). [EIC’s Note: No Comment]

Super Bowl 54 was quite the event. The halftime was actually pretty decent this time around. Mostly because Adam Levine wasn’t taking off another article of clothing every time he thought he was losing the crowd (yeah, you look hot Adam, but maybe if you performed better people would actually pay attention). No, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira (who were more than a little suggestive, I’ll admit) decided instead to, you know, put on a halftime show during the Super Bowl halftime. Crazy how that works. I personally wasn’t familiar with most of the songs of display, but they were enjoyable enough and I didn’t find myself saying “play the one everyone knows!”

The second half was one momentum shift after another. Kansas City seemed to be doing well, and then San Francisco would make an interception, but then Kansas City would make a hell of a drive and control the ball well. It was really just a back-and-forth type of game. I thought the 49ers had things in the bag when they went up on Kansas City with six minutes left in the game, but then Mahomes did the Mahomes thing, and Kelce did the Kelce thing and they won. I would try to describe that better, but that’s literally what happened.

Also, Chris Jones of the Kansas City defence was all over the ball. Every time Jimmy Garoppolo thought he had a clear avenue to throw, Jones would sneak a hand up and swat it out of the air. So, congrats to the Chiefs’ defence showing up to the big game. There were other big play-makers, of course, but I feel Jones deserved the most praise for his presence in-game. [Editor’s Note: Props to Eric Fisher who kept Nick Bosa from sacking Mahomes 10 times. Any other tackle would have given up 10 sacks].

Also, I’ll just make this statement here. For fans of Kansas City that came out to the game dressed up in certain attire, that’s not okay, and you know the fans that I’m talking about. Yeah, it’s the Super Bowl, but racism doesn’t stop being racism.

Super Bowl 54 was actually a solid entry into the catalogue of big games. I mean, it was way better than that New England Patriots versus Los Angeles Rams game, what was the final score in that one? 13 – 3? Yeah, I’ll take a 31 to 20 final total over that any day of the week. Not that there isn’t something to be said for defensive Super Bowls but, you know, score.

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