Cougars get payback for shutout


author: nathan mccarville | sports writer

that’s the defence that gets your shutouts / nathan mccarville

Cougars get shutout after shutting out Huskies

The women’s hockey team started off their weekend games hot, beating the University of Saskatchewan Huskies when they came to Regina. Given the home-team advantage on the Cooperators rink, goalie Morgan Baker got a shutout for the Cougars in the 2-0 game in favour of the Cougars.  

The two goals scored in the first game came courtesy of Jaycee Magwood, assisted by Jordan Kulbida, scored in just a minute and 30 seconds into the first. Next came another early goal by Ireland South, scoring a goal at 3:17 in the first. No other goals were scored throughout the game by either side, the Cougars getting the goals that would secure the win very early in the game.  

The next game was played in Regina’s better known and, frankly, better-looking sister city, Saskatoon. The Huskies, now playing on their more familiar rink, the home ice housed in the new facility, Merlis Belsher Place. The Huskies took full advantage of the enthusiastic crowd, as well as putting on a show before the game calling out each player as they entered the ice with a side of pyrotechnics to keep everyone interested. 

The game had a vastly different turnout, the Huskies reversing the results of the first game, getting a shutout against the Cougars and scoring two goals in the bargain. Reporting from Saskatoon for the second game, I had the privilege of sitting among the far superior facility that the Huskies had the funding to build.  

The Cougars stayed on the defensive for most of the game to fend off the Huskies’ constant attacks on goal. Despite this and the multiple shots on goal that the Huskies had, they couldn’t score until the odds were grossly in their favour.  

In the first period, a Cougar was put into the penalty box for body checking, giving the Huskies a power play with 5 on 4 in their favour. A minute later, a second Cougar was called out for the same offense, body checking, and was given two minutes in the penalty box, giving the Huskies a five-on-three advantage.  

The unbalanced advantage resulted in possession of the puck by the Huskies, taking shots on goal until they finally scored after enough target practice on Morgan Baker’s pads. The goal was scored by Huskie Chloe Smith, with help from her teammate, Bailee Bourassa, with the assist.  

The next goal came in the third by Bailee Bourassa, assisted by Chloe Smith. The surprising reversal brings the two teams at equal standing with one another. The two teams involved are set to play against each other again in January, giving either team the time they need to improve enough to take home the whole weekend.  

The next set of Cougars games will be taking place at their home rink, the Cooperators Centre, against the University of Alberta Pandas.  

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