Pandemic’s Greetings from your new EIC

Yep, that’s me. Taylor Balfour

Hello I’m (kinda) new here

Well, hi there. I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Taylor Balfour and, for your 2020-21 school year, I’m the Carillon’s new Editor-in-Chief. Weird.

Admittedly, I never thought that I would land this role. The role of Editor-in-Chief always felt like the title of “princess”; a distant dream. Something that, okay yeah, is kinda possible, but what are the odds of that happening?

Boy was I wrong.

To be frank, this role has always been a dream of mine. Since I was a little girl scribbling in the millions of notebooks I owned, I knew I wanted to write for a living. As I grew older, I knew an editing job, in specific, was the path for me. Organization and writing? Sign me the hell up. I had always assumed that I was going to be way older when such an opportunity came my way, after lots of work experience and education. But now, here I am. Now, it’s time to get sappy.

When I first joined the Carillon, I was a shy, quiet student just looking to get some work experience. Embarrassing fact: I applied for the job not originally knowing I’d be paid. I just thought it would be a great excuse to write every week. Lo and behold, my first writing job had fallen into my hands. Now, that first paid writing gig has landed me here: the first female EIC in the Carillon’s recent history. Woah.

I joined the Carillon because I wanted to write and I wanted to get better at it but stayed for a slew of other reasons. My amazing friends who have become family, the people I’ve been able to interview and meet, the events I’ve been able to attend, even all the URSU shenanigans we’ve covered (sorry I just needed to toss that in there) couldn’t drive me away. I joined because I wanted to write, but I stayed because I was inspired to make a difference.

Since joining the Carillon, I’m no longer the quiet girl around campus that I used to be. This position has blessed me with confidence and so so much joy. The joy is never ending (and sometimes the stress but we’re not talking about that right now).

I’ve never felt more honoured or privileged to have a position before. I’m excited to be here, I’m excited to connect with you all, and I’m excited to share these stories with you. The Carillon is your campus newspaper. These stories are ours, and this paper is yours.

The Carillon has been one of the most amazing experiences of my university life so far. I’m excited to lead it deeper into a year that has already been so madly chaotic. I’m looking forward to hearing and telling your stories with you.

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