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It’s not just U SPORTS or bust

While most of the university’s eyes follow the escapades of the Cougar and Rams varsity athletic exploits, the University of Regina is home to 10 club sports teams – namely, curling, cheerleading, dance team, rowing, men’s and women’s rugby, women’s softball, triathlon, ultimate frisbee, and synchronized swimming. Club sports exist to fill the role of varsity athletics in sports that are not part of the official Canadian interuniversity sport league, U SPORTS. The sports vary in terms of competitiveness and structure, but most offer conference and national championships, much like the U SPORTS athletic programs.

Also, unlike varsity athletic programs, club teams are student-run organizations. They do have a governing body called VCAB and some teams have coaches, but ultimately the teams are student-organized. VCAB is important, because they distribute funding to the club teams, that supports competition uniforms, travel, and other administrative costs.

Kim Tran, who plays for the women’s ultimate frisbee club, explained why she thinks club teams are important to campus life.

“Ultimate is a sport for anyone. Whether you grew up playing every sport or never having played a sport in your life, there’s a position for anybody. The Ultimate community is extremely open and accepting to everyone.”

Tran jokingly stressed the motto that many other club teams boast. Anyone can play.

“Even though we are competitive, we are also laid back. Once you start playing, you’ll understand.”

For Kelsey Buettner of the dance team club, it is the team environment and community aspect that makes club sports an integral part of the university experience.

“Club sports are important because they make people feel included, especially coming from highschool, you can feel like you are part of a community joining a sports club team. Being able to come to meet all these women and make friendships during my university career makes it much more enjoyable.”

Her teammate Arianna Doucet also appreciates the ability to maintain high level athletics as a student.

“For me, I am in a really busy degree so being able to continue dancing in university is really great. I can continue doing what I love even if its in less of a big way.”

Club sports are not just about community though. Like varsity athletics, club teams are there to compete, and Doucet said  dance Team is no exception.

“When we go to Nationals, our goal is to impress people with what we do here. Showing people what Regina dance is like is always a big deal.”

Whether you are interested in picking up a new sport after high school, continuing your athletic career through university, joining an awesome community, or trying to compete at the highest level, there is a club team for you.

If you are interested in joining one of the many club teams at the U of R. You can get more info at online under U of R Recreation Services.

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