Put on your dancing shoes!

A photo of the VicSquare Arcade, seemingly taken from just inside the entrance and to the left. There are two nets attached to the ceiling full of plushies and various gaming machines and arcade games throughout the image. Only one has a visible name: Sweet Island. There is one person in the background of the image, they are walking out from behind one of the arcade systems.
With so many games, you’d think more people would be playing them! Victoria Baht

VicSquare Arcade has plenty of games, including Dance Battle.

The Victoria Square Mall in Regina, Sask., is focused on creating a community and a place to have fun indoors. In order to achieve this, Victoria Square Mall recently got a mini golf, arcade, and indoor play area. Plus, with the regular shopping centres and food court, it is a great place to be.  

This past weekend I stopped at Victoria Square Mall and visited the VicSquare Arcade. It was a real hit! Even with the -40 C weather, lots of Regina residents were hitting up the arcade and I can see why!  

According to the VicSquare Arcade website, “With over 10,000 square feet the Victoria Square Shopping Centre, the Vicsquare Arcade offers over 130 Arcade Machines including gift games, ticket redemption games, Pinball, Racing Arcade, Shooting Arcade, Air Hockey, and more!”   

The nice thing about this arcade is you can walk in and enjoy it at any time, no need to make a reservation. It is worth noting that reservations are required for hosting parties, and details for that can be found on their website. 

When you walk in, you are greeted by a huge assortment of games and colourful neon lighting. From there, you can head to the front desk and purchase a game card. The game cards are purchased at different prices for different amounts of tickets. Also available on their website, you can purchase 20 credits for $10, 40 credits for $20 with a bonus of 10 credits (meaning 50 credits in total), 80 credits for $40 with the addition of 40 free credits (or 120 total credits).  

For $60, you can get 120 credits with a bonus of 120 credits, meaning you get 300 credits in total! Accounting for all these credits, plus the game card the first time, the pricing is great!  

The best thing about the game card is you can reuse it for different visits, that way you can earn lots of tickets for a big prize over time! That is the aim of most of the games you play, to earn tickets based on the task so you can purchase one of the prizes.  

During my visit, I played a game that lets you throw frisbees at a screen. As you are throwing them at the screen you are aiming at targets. For different points and each level, you must hit a minimum number of points to move on with the game. By the time I finished my levels and could not complete them, I gained around 40 tickets! It was so fun and unique.  

The same thing happened with a basketball shooting game. My friend and I were battling each other to see who would get the highest score. But for each level, you would get 25 seconds. Then you keep shooting the basketball into the hoop and you aim for a new high score each level. And of course, with each new level, the game gets harder. The net starts moving side to side or faster. Either way, it’s loads of fun!  

They have lots of games that don’t focus on accuracy either! They have race car driving, motorbike races, dancing games, shooting games and so much more. Check out the gallery on the VicSquare Arcade website to get an idea of all the games they have there for you to play!  

They also have gift games! My friend and I played a game to win Microblock Yoshi. When we won the game, we got a 566-piece LEGO-like toy to make. You could also win things like key chains, hand warmer pillows, stuffed animals, candies, and more!  

The more you win a game and the better you get the more points/tickets you win. When you get enough points/tickets, you can get a big prize at the front desk. They also don’t expire so you can keep adding them to win a big prize! They have options like cool socks, toys, stuffed animals and more! 

The VicSquare Arcade is lots of fun! If you have time, I highly recommend going and checking it out. It’s sure to be a fun time for any age!  


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