How well do you know your roomate?


Mark Schneider and Sterling Nostedt are put to the test

Autumn McDowell
Sports Editor

University of Regina Cougars athletes Mark Schneider and Sterling Nostedt claim to be best friends, or so they say.

The two have recently cut out the third wheel on their friendship and have moved from a three-roommate apartment to a place just big enough for two.

Naturally, the duo spends an ample amount of time together, but how well do these roommates really know each other?

Does Sterling know Mark?

1. What is Mark’s middle name?
Sterling: Russell.
Mark’s Answer: Russell.

2. How many siblings does Mark have and what are their names?
Sterling: One sister, one brother. Hope and Dustin.
Mark’s Answer: Two siblings, a younger sister named Hope and an older brother named Dustin.

3. What number is Mark and what position does he play?
Sterling: Number 7, defence.
Mark’s Answer: Number 7, defence.

4. What is Mark’s favourite movie?
Sterling: I wish the question was favourite actor, it’s Liam Neeson. Taken? That won’t be it. I need to change it. We always have movie nights; I can’t believe I can’t think of one. Can I go with Dumb and Dumber? It’s a way better answer, the crowd will like that better.

Mark’s Answer: I need to think about this. Couldn’t even say really, I’m not sure I have a favourite movie. Happy Gilmore.

5. What is Mark’s dream job?
Sterling: Pro golfer.
Mark’s Answer: Stay-at-home father.

6. What is Mark’s favourite food?
Sterling: Pizza.
Mark’s Answer: Pizza.

7. Who is Mark’s favourite professional athlete?
Sterling: Jacoby Ellsbury.
Mark’s Answer: Jacoby Ellsbury.

8. Who is Mark’s favourite singer/band?
Sterling: The Goo Goo Dolls. Yup.
Mark’s Answer: The Goo Goo Dolls.

9. Who is Mark’s idol?
Sterling: Tiger Woods.
Mark’s Answer: Overall idol, that’s crazy too. I’m not sure exactly. Couldn’t say. Oh God, my brother, I guess. Actually, I would like to change that; it’s not my brother. I’m gonna go with Terry Francona.

10. If Mark won the lottery, what’s the first thing he would buy?
Sterling: A real Lamborghini, i. Hhe call’s his car “The Lambo,”; it’s not a Llambo.
Mark’s Answer: Probably a car.

11. If Mark could travel anywhere is the world, where would he go?
Sterling: He doesn’t like straying away from home too much. I’m just gonna say Germany and I have no idea why.
Mark’s Answer: Switzerland.

12.What is Mark’s own worst habit?
Sterling: OCD. Please tell me he got his worst habit.
Mark’s Answer: I’m a clean freak so something along those lines.

13. How would you describe Mark in three words?
Sterling: Can I just write OCD? Actually, “Blunts, 40s and bitches”!
Mark’s Answer: Oh Jesus. That’s tough, well I like to have fun so, just say “like to have fun,” that’s three words. Oh fuck. OK, “Party,” ugh three words that describe me … I don’t know, I actually don’t know. I would like to say smart, but I’m certainly not smart. Athletic? I don’t know what the word would be for having a good time, social? You could go with “party-animal.” Actually, change all that to “Setting It Off.”

Does Mark know Sterling?

1. What is Sterling’s middle name?
Mark: Ugh, I know this. It’s like a last name. It’s his grandpa’s name I know. I think it starts with a C. I want to say Carter, but that’s not it, I know that’s not it. We have had this discussion too. Don’t be offended; I’m trying. It’s a last name that starts with a C … oh, Campbell, duh!
Sterling’s Answer: Campbell.

2. How many siblings does Sterling have, and what are their names?
Mark: Two and their names are John and Jordan.
Sterling’s Answer: Two siblings, Jordan and John.

3. What number is Sterling, and what position does he play?
Mark: 10, I think he’s a fucking guard. I don’t really know basketball. Is he a guard?
Sterling’s Answer: 10, shooting guard.

4. What is Sterling’s favourite movie?
Mark: Anchorman, I think …I’m hoping.
Sterling’s Answer: Wedding Crashers.

5. What is Sterling’s dream job?
Mark: To work at the Royal Bank.
Sterling’s Answer: Oh my God, these are tough. Can I say NBA, is that bad?

6. What is Sterling’s favourite food?
Mark: Pizza.
Sterling’s Answer: Pizza.

7. Who is Sterling’s favourite professional athlete?
Mark: Dustin Pedroia.
Sterling’s Answer: Dustin Pedroia.

8. Who is Sterling’s favourite singer/band?
Mark: Drake.

Sterling’s Answer: Drake.

9. Who is Sterling’s idol?
Mark: Oh, Christ. His idol would be someone in basketball so … I’m not sure. It would have to be Larry Bird.
Sterling’s Answer: Billy. No. That’s tough … I came in here blind. Put Mark down! Mark Schneider.

10. If Sterling won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would buy?
Mark: He would probably buy [his girlfriend] a gift I would assume, it’s tough to say what exactly it would be. I don’t want to say a diamond ring, because that’s just too weird. Maybe a nice golden necklace/pendant combination.
Sterling’s Answer: Ooo, good question. House for sure.

* After hearing what each other said:
Mark: I said you would buy [your girlfriend] a golden necklace.
Sterling: Oh my God! That is the worst thing I have ever heard.
Mark: I just wanted to get something funny out there for the Carillon.
Mark: You would buy a house? Do you want to move out? I thought about saying [a house], but I didn’t say it because I thought you would get mad.

11. If Sterling could travel anywhere is the world, where would he go?
Mark: Boston, Fenway.
Sterling’s Answer: Ireland. He won’t ever get that.

12. What is Sterling’s worst habit?
Mark: He just recently got that boot off of his foot but prior to that it was the boot tracking mud across the house.
Sterling’s Answer: What’s he gonna get me with? I would say – oh that’s hard – I have a few. We’ll say sometimes I leave my clothes on my floor in my room; he hates that.

13. How would you describe Sterling in three words?
Mark: Curly-hair, smiley, good-guy. That’s not three words.
Sterling’s Answer: Three words, actually: “I’m all threes.” Like, three-pointers. That works out perfect!

It’s pretty clear that Sterling knows Mark better than Mark knows Sterling.

This could be because Sterling cares more about their friendship, or because he is a better listener – who knows, Mark wasn’t really paying attention – but whatever, the case may be, these two have a friendship that everyone should be envious of. They’re like the two best friends that anyone could have.

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