Sports roundtable – Apr. 5, 2012


Paul Bissonnette should be on the cover of NHL 13 based solely on his unreal tweets

Jhett Folk, Britton Gray, Colton Hordichuk, Kris Klein
This week's roundtable

What was your favourite University of Regina sports moment this year?

Folk: Though they lost, I had an absolutely fantastic time watching the Rams play the Huskies in Mosaic. The game had it all! Touchdowns, picks, fumbles, you name it! Not only that, but it went right down to the wire and got the crowd really going. The game left me really excited to go to the games next season.

Gray: My favourite U of R sports moment this year has to be watching the Rams football club battle through injuries all year long. All great teams find a way to play through injuries and that’s what the team had to do this year and it was awesome watching them push through.

Hordichuk: Throughout the entire first semester I had the Sports History 101 column.  For me, that was my favourite sports moment of the year. To be able to go back in time and dig up statistics on the Cougars and Rams was unbelievable. I could go on and on about the things I’ve learned about U of R’s sports history.

Klein: Well, it would have to be the Cougar men’s hockey team making the playoffs … They didn’t? Well I guess them winning a game would be pretty big in my eyes.

Which U of R team do you think trains the hardest in the off-season?

Folk: I’m just assuming – because I know how hard the high school football teams go in the off season – but I’d have to say the Rams would train the hardest. The game of football asks a lot more of the human body and it just makes sense that they’d have to be that much more ready and in shape.

Gray: I think the hockey team has to train the hardest. We are in Saskatchewan, where the only two things that matter are farming and hockey (lingerie football might be getting there, though). Hockey success is expected here and, in order to live up to these expectations, they have to give it their all the whole year.

Hordichuk: Absolutely football. Now, I haven’t played football in years, but I know that despite it only running a few months, it’s a year-long sport. All of the training and fitness that goes into football is insane! Personally, I could never find the motivation or drive to play football again. 

Klein: To me that’s between two teams: the Rams and the women’s basketball team. The Rams, well, because they’re the Rams. Have you seen some of these guys? Fucking huge! And the Cougar ladies basketball team because they have been at the top of the CIS since I’ve been here.

How much time do you spend watching/playing sports in the summer?

Folk: I spend plenty of time out with friends tossing a football around or stick-handling a street hockey ball in the driveway. I’ll also often be caught watching whatever sports are playing that day.

Gray: I don’t get around to watching sports too much in the summer, mostly because baseball is the only thing really on and I’m a Cubs fan so its tough to watch any baseball. I used to play sports in the summer. but I’m not as young as I once was so my sporting has been reduced to street hockey games and pickup football games.

Hordichuk: If NHL playoffs technically fall during summer, then I watch all of that.  Also, remember Ultimate Croquet – the hybrid croquet drinking game? I expect that’s making a valiant comeback this year. All in all, I’d say about 10 hours per week that I watch/play sports in the summer.

Klein: I think this is perfect opportunity to promote the Syracuse Bulldogs adult safe team who make their stunning return this summer. The first game of the season will be free bobble-head night to the first 500 fans of your favourite bulldog player. Come out and support!

Which NHL team do you least want to win the Stanley Cup?

Folk: Tie between the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks. Normally, I’d have the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers in that mix but I don’t think I have to worry about them anymore. As a Canucks fan, I’m sure you can image why I don’t like the B’s or Hawks.

Gray: I do not want to see Vancouver or the Penguins win. I don’t want to see the Canucks win because they have been expected to for a while and just can’t do it, so I want them to just disappear already. As for the Penguins, I just don’t think I could handle another summer of seeing Crosby in every second commercial and hearing about him every day. We get enough of that during the season already.

Hordichuk: The Detroit Redwings. I don’t hate them or anything, I just feel that they’ve won far too much in the last 20 years. It would be nice to see another powerhouse rise up as a consistent contender.  Cough, cough, Autumn’s Pittsburgh Penguins. Also, I’m interested to see how the Rangers will be this post season with a well-established squad.

Klein: Easy: the Vancouver Canuckleheads. One, because I think the saying two sisters no cup is fucking amazing and brilliant and two, I love watching Vancouver being torn to the ground. Also, the Detroit Redwings because they have been in the playoffs since ’Nam.

Who is your choice to be on the cover of NHL 13?

Folk: My choice would have to be Alex Burrows, but for more of a reason than just “he’s a Canuck.”. I’d want him on the cover doing the ‘arrow to the sky’ celebration, as that is his commemoration to his late best friend, Luc Bourdon. Luc – who died in a tragic motorbike accident – was poised to be a star defenceman for the Canucks. I feel that it would be a good cover for not only Canucks fans, but for all those who remember Luc or any other players of the game that were taken at too young of an age. Rest in peace, Luc.

Gray: I want too see Erik Karlsson on the cover and not just because I’m a Sens fan. He is probably the top, young defenceman in the league and has been consistent this whole year. Also, have you seen his Karlsson’s flow and moustache? That deserves the cover based on itself.

Hordichuk: A buddy and I were talking about this exact question a couple of days ago. I feel Claude Giroux deserves to be on the cover. What a hell of a breakout year for him.  I remember at the beginning of the season, analysts were saying he’s going to break out and I thought, “Where are they getting this weird prediction from?” Hats off to him for a great campaign.

Klein: I think it’s going to be Dustin “Everyday I’m” Byfuglien. But here are two players that I want to see on the cover: Jaromir Jagr doing the salute and my favourite goalie of all time, Ron Hextall, blockering Chris Chelios in the face.

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