Scoring more than just goals


Guys want to be them, and girls want to get with them.

For as long as guys have played sports, girls have been chasing them, hoping to become their trophy girlfriend. But what is it that makes girls drop to their knees so quickly when an athlete walks into the room? What is it that makes those athletes so goddamn attractive?

Take hockey players, for example. When you watch a guy pour his heart out on the ice, or you see the beads of sweat dripping down his forehead, or the blood rolling down his chin, it’s fucking hot.

The athletes don’t even have to be that good at hockey – just the fact that they play is usually enough. But if they happen to actually be good at hockey, it’s just trouble.

It’s a simple philosophy, really. Girls are attracted to talent; if a boy shows that he is talented on the ice then he is usually getting some action from one of the puck bunnies after the game based on the assumption that he is also talented in bed.

Even if they aren’t the best-looking guy on the team, if they are the star player, girls will flock to them. Take a guy that is a three on a scale, and make him unreal at hockey, he instantly goes up six notches on the sexy scale, suddenly making him a nine and thus much more likely to score more than just goals after the game.

Now, it’s one thing to watch a hideous player score a goal, or do a sick toe drag, or hammer their opponent into the end boards, but it is a whole other level of sexiness if that player is the least bit attractive.

There is quite simply nothing hotter than watching guys sweat in a physically exhausting sport and then watching them walk into the dressing room and take off their pads, only to reveal a chiseled body underneath and a fucking hot face to match.

Let’s face it; girls want to be the ones waiting for the all-star players to come out of the dressing room after the game. The girls want everyone to see them with the athlete – especially if he had a good game – not only to state their claim, but also to make other girls jealous.
It also doesn’t hurt that the athletes walk out of the dressing room in suits, and every guy looks better in a suit, it’s a proven fact.

But whether they are in a jersey or a suit, athletes are hot. Much hotter than musicians.

Autumn McDowell
Sports Editor

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