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Beer, bacon, and killer food in the Queen City

Beer for the bros yo. / Brett Nielsen

Beer for the bros yo. / Brett Nielsen

Author: Kris Fergie

Beer Bros provides a dining experience that new beer drinkers and experienced beer lovers will adore.

My past two birthdays have followed a very similar pattern. First, a dinner of epic proportions, followed by a trip to the bar to work on my next hangover. While my bar choice may have changed, the restaurant hasn’t. Beer Bros is a restaurant that continues to surprise me with its varied and ever-changing menu, along with its masterfully picked and paired beer selection.

With the recent explosion of craft beer microbreweries in Saskatchewan came piqued interest in what it is that craft beer, whether it be local or otherwise, has to offer to your typical beer drinker. While it may seem intimidating trying something you’ve never heard of before, craft beers are a highly rewarding experience for every palate. I feel that Beer Bros provides the perfect introduction into what craft beer is, and just how varied and interesting beer can be.

Beer Bros is located in a prime location, smack dab downtown, right beside the Globe Theatre and across the street from the Cornwall Center. Upon entering the foyer leading to Beer Bros, the doors to the bar are closed with a small, hand-printed sign reading “we are open! the doors are closed to keep it warm inside!” Giving the bar doors a tug, they swing open to reveal a dimly-lit seating area.

The bar top reaches nearly wall to wall with standard stools lining its face. You will not find common, big brewery beers here – no Coors Light, no Pilsner. Here, craft beer is king. The menu is beginner-friendly, recommending beer pairings with nearly everything available to order. Besides pairings, the menu lauds individual bestseller beers such as Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Half-Pint Stir Stick Stout, and Alley Kat Grapefruit Ale. Overall, the atmosphere provides a very relaxing, old-world pub feel.

Taking a seat in the bar side of the restaurant, my girlfriend, a mutual friend of ours, and myself were greeted very quickly by our server. To drink, I ordered the previously mentioned Stir Stick Stout, my girlfriend ordered the Grapefruit Ale, and my friend ordered a Magners Cider. Our server was gone and back again with our drinks in only a minute or two, which was very impressive for how busy it was that night. She explained the specials and soup of the day and let us decide what all we wanted to eat.

To start, I ordered the Pint of Bacon, which is the most honest name for a dish I’ve ever encountered, as it is literally a pint glass full of bacon, served with mustards from Gravelbourg. My girlfriend ordered the Ale and Cheddar Soup, and my friend ordered the Avocado Frites: deep fried avocado served with a sriracha mayo dipping sauce. The food was prepared marvellously, and it looked just as good as it tasted.

The mustards that were served with my starter were very different from one another. One was a little spicy and reminiscent of a grainier, more traditional mustard, while the other was sweet, almost chocolaty, and really complimented the already perfect bacon. For the main course, I ordered the Spicy Chicken Sandwich with a side of poutine. My girlfriend ordered seafood mac and cheese, while my friend ordered the pulled pork sandwich with the soup of the day for a side. My meal came quite literally as advertised: spicy chicken in a sandwich. At first, I was a little disheartened by the size of the sandwich, but after a couple of bites, I realized that it was much larger than it first appeared. The chicken was prepared very well and wasn’t too dry or too juicy, not to mention seasoned just right. The poutine was simple, but that’s not a bad thing. Frankly, it’s pretty damn hard to make a bad poutine.

Overall, my experiences at Beer Bros have been met with an excellently trained, knowledgeable staff, short wait times, interesting and diverse beers, as well as, in my opinion, some of the best food the city has to offer. Beer Bros provides a journey into the world of craft beers with food options everyone can enjoy. With a prime location that most are nearby every now and again, it’s an excellent destination for lunch, dinner, or pre-drinks before a night on the town. I plan on making Beer Bros my birthday destination for a good long while and you should too.


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