Another crazy Sia music vid


Her latest video will blow your mind

Sia smiling it up and living the dream. / Kirk Stauffer

Sia smiling it up and living the dream. / Kirk Stauffer

Author: Madison Harvey

Last year, twelve-year-old Maddie Ziegler wowed us all with her eccentric performance in singer-songwriter Sia’s music video for the song “Chandelier.” This year, both Ziegler and Sia have done it again. “Elastic Heart” is the second in a trilogy of videos Sia is codirecting, each highlighting Ziegler, a young dancer featured on Lifetime’s Dance Moms. Ziegler, like always, performs with a grace and talent I could only wish to have had at her age.

This video brings in a new face, however. That of actor Shia LaBeouf. For many reading this, LaBeouf will bring to mind images of transforming robots or perhaps even his more recent appearance wearing a paper bag over his face on the red carpet; for me, he brings to mind a crucial part of my childhood. I remember LaBeouf from his early years on Family Channel’s Even Stevens, portraying a young, annoying Louis Stevens. This video is nothing like that. Little LaBeouf has grown into a man, and I am more than okay with it.

This video is a beautiful collaboration between artists. The raw power of the performers combined with Sia’s music makes for an amazing video. Once again, Sia brings back the offbeat unique style of dance found in her previous video. Both LaBeouf and Ziegler fall effortlessly into their roles, putting forth an emotional display. LaBeouf appears to be simultaneously fighting off his demons in the form of Ziegler and attempting to tame her, all while contained in a metal cage representing his mind.

Imagine two distinct versions of yourself trapped together, and you will have this video. While the concept may sound a little strange for those who haven’t seen it, the result is enthralling. Ziegler’s performance is wonderful, if not expected after seeing her first video of Sia’s. Her spins and tricks, perhaps routine for some dancers, are quite impressive to me for a girl her age. Of course, I have a guilty habit of watching (and sadly, enjoying) Dance Moms, so I may be a little biased.

The real star, however, is Shia LaBeouf. Every move he makes is powerful and mesmerizing. From the way he skitters away from the snarling little girl in fear to the way he climbs the side of the cage to hang from the top, I could not take my eyes off him. The expression on his face, one of apprehension and almost wonder, as he stares at Ziegler, will stop your breath in your throat. But, the real clincher is his performance at the very end. When Ziegler finally stops fighting him and tries to set him free from the cage, he gets stuck. He cannot get out, and the look of pure pain on his face as he tries is heartbreaking. He struggles to free himself until he finally gives up, hope lost and expression empty.

This is one video you will want to watch over and over again as you attempt to formulate your own interpretation of this wonderful performance.

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