Vice-president external affairs roundtable


Who will win the three-way race for VP external?

This position is tasked with organizing events, deploying strategies and marketing for the union. / Jaecy Bell

This position is tasked with organizing events, deploying strategies and marketing for the union. / Jaecy Bell

The Carillon recently sat down with your vice president external candidates: Brooklyn Orban, Maria Aman, and Lynn Barber to ask them about their campaigns. Voting takes place March 16-19 next week on UR Self-Service. To read our interview with the two Presidential candidates, please click here.

Derek Cameron: What is your main focus for URSU? How would you address this?

Brooklyn Orban: Just making events more accessible. We are catering to a lot of the drinking population. There’s a huge population who is underage or doesn’t drink and we need events for them. This extends to minority groups as well, we need support for cultural events as well. My big thing is promoting the arts, getting artwork out there. I would like to see a community events board that lists all events on campus.

Lynn Barber: My big issue is getting knowledge out about URSU. I think there’s a large majority of our students that don’t know about all the services URSU provides. I have a three-pronged plan: education, letting students know what URSU offers, past campaigns, current initiatives, what future plans. Then, getting feedback through surveys and having the executive table in Riddell regularly. And, thirdly, more student involvement in URSU. One way I see of doing this is the V-team. I want them to have more responsibility and have them as an advisory committee.

Maria Aman: Communication is my big thing. I didn’t feel like I had a voice until this year and I think this is a problem for a lot of students. URSU is the one that needs to initiate that conversation because when people have problems they complain but they are getting solved. I want to be that connection voice. I want to have feedback sessions, something very direct.

DC: Where is the communication breakdown coming from?

LB: I think that there has been a disconnect for a while, students have given up on the students union a little bit. I think it’s being more approachable, tabling in Riddell, having regular office hours. You need to hand some information to students, they don’t necessarily seek it out, and URSU isn’t just there for those who seek it out.

BO: URSU’s presence at orientation is not there. We need to have this presence, interaction from the first day to the last day.

MA: I agree. We need to start the conversation on the first day. Making short videos about what URSU does, what places there are to go to, and showing them to students. We need to get students to trust us and feel connected to us. I don’t want students in first year, second year to be afraid to approach URSU.

DC: Why do you feel you are best for the role?

BO: I have been in student leadership for 9 years at various levels. I have been an ambassador since day one. I have a lot of connections with students. I am here for the students, not political aspirations. I am putting my internship on the line for students.

MA: I have been involved in clubs on campus. I see different people and different perspectives. I have seen that URSU has improved. I want this year to be lasting change.

LB: I have experience, as well, working with URSU on staff and committees. I have been involved with 5 Days for Homelessness; I have grown up with the university. I want students to be passionate about the university.

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