URSU unveils new website

Gone is the old drab poorly optimized, hard to navigate old site! / Courtesy of URSU

Gone is the old drab poorly optimized, hard to navigate old site! / Courtesy of URSU

We review the new webpage

Author: Alex Johnson – Contributor

The new and improved University of Regina Students’ Union’s (URSU) website was launched on Jan. 28, and they cannot wait for you to check it out. If you had the (dis)pleasure of visiting the old site, you will be relieved to see all of the new changes coming into effect with the new launch.

The website project was approved last summer, and has been underway for the last four months. URSU had bids from many companies, but is more than pleased to have hired the local professional website design company OH! Media. They are highly accredited as an organization, and it shows in the final product.

Students may find themselves asking ‘why’ URSU spent twelve thousand dollars on a new website.

URSU President Devon Peters says, “The old website was laid out horrendously. The content on our website was laughably out of date, and it was a project that needed to be taken on because, frankly, it wasn‘t serving students anymore, and it was hindering our ability to do business.”

If you attempted navigating the site, you can agree that the cluttered layout, broken links, and oddly-worded clauses could have possibly resulted in a migraine.

Peters went on to say, “The new layout is a big step up visually, in terms of content clarity, and branding.”

The URSU website is designed to help students, but in addition, is used as a business page. The old site was hindering the ability for URSU to expand their consumer base, and was actually costing money to upkeep.

“The biggest developments have been on the business side, aimed at potential clients. Many people were not aware of the services that are offered through URSU; for example, people didn‘t even know you can rent out the multi-purpose room,” said Peters. The launch of the new site is projected to save the students’ union money.

The fully searchable website offers links to many services and student centers that will make your university experience easier and more enjoyable. It contains links to prominent services including student housing, transit options, clubs, student advocate, and tutor registry. There is also a full site for The Owl, the student union-run bar here on campus. All of these tools allow students to build community on campus.

The content of the site, including the sleek and modern new layout, is guaranteed to save you time while you organize all of your university priorities. It’s very easy on the eyes. Peters says, “URSU really needed a new website, and I’m really excited to provide it to students, and provide it in a way that reflects the way that students use media.”

You can check out all of the hard work that URSU has put into the new site right now on your computer or the very mobile friendly site: www.URSU.ca. Happy clicking!

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  1. Neil Middlemiss 29 January, 2015 at 18:59

    This was very sorely needed. The old URSU website had become practically useless and was about as organized as a dog’s breakfast. As the fastest and most broadly available entry point for URSU services, this was probably well worth the money spent.

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