Badass grandma: Hillary’s emails don’t matter


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I’ve never written an official article before, so writing on the topic of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is a pretty big way to enter the writing world; honestly, right now (without having informed myself very well on the whole ordeal), I say let a woman have a private email address. Yes, she may have said unpopular things on them, but she is a human and we all say unpopular things. What I see is a woman who wants to serve her country, and at the moment, seems to be the only one qualified to do so. I am not an American. I am not a politician. That is my opinion as an 18-year-old Canadian.

If anyone does anything for long enough, people are bound to start hating them. If I write this article long enough, you’ll hate me…at least somebody will!

The media always brings up these emails—dangles these elusive files just beyond the public’s large understanding to make it seem like Hillary Clinton did something horrible, despicable, disgraceful. Is it true? Or is this all the world can dig up on a helpful, empowered, sharp-witted grandma?

Let’s you and me find out…together. 

While researching:

 I found WikiLeaks and Hillary’s email, apparently, and I feel like a super spy.

Okay, first, there was an interesting headline about a bombing of a sacred shrine… hot gossip? Um, well, actually no, because Hillary didn’t even write any of the contents.

Next email I opened was about someone resigning from her employ, profusely saying how much they enjoyed working for her. Oh boy, she sounds awful.

Oh no! Hillary wants a copy of Rolling Stone Magazine!! I’m scandalized!

Alright, I’ve had enough of these boring emails. I’m searching on the web for summations. I think I’m going to trust the BBC because I feel like any American channels will be very biased. I don’t know. I’m trying to be a reliable narrator for my readers through this process.

First major talking point: Was it illegal?

No. At least not outright. It’s a grey area. It looks like she wanted to have personal control over what she wanted to make public and what she wanted to keep private. I mean, while I am sharing my thoughts for you all right now, I’m not always gonna do that. I get where Hillary’s coming from.

In Nov. 2014, Obama signed the Presidential and Federal Records Act amendment. Under this new law, Hillary not reporting her files is an administrative penalty, not a criminal offence.

Second major talking point: Is this a controversy?

No, it should not be a controversy. How can Hillary prove that she is being forthcoming with information regarding the investigation? Well, her email got hacked for the world to see, so I’m pretty sure you’ve got everything. This next bit is almost totally out of Hillary’s control: was her email too easy to hack? Is that her fault? I have a Gmail account, and I don’t expect to be hacked. You’d probably only find me asking for articles from Rolling Stone, too, though…kind of boring.

My final opinion:

Sure, let’s all blame the victim. I mean, Donald Trump is a great choice for President. Right, everyone? I wouldn’t want a strong grandmother running my country, anyway (that is total sarcasm, and if I was able to vote on Nov. 8, Hillary Rodham Clinton would have my vote. And if she doesn’t have yours, I’m sorry I couldn’t spend more time explaining all the great she’s done because this article was specifically about her email scandal).

Happy thinking.

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