University kitchens are non-compliant, again.


author: kristian ferguson | news editor

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For the second year in a row, university kitchens have issues.

Last year, the Carillon published an article talking about the lack of food safety within food outlets at the university. Primarily, these locations are owned or operated by Compass Group Canada and had areas of non-compliance on their health inspections.

This year, we at the Carillon are following up to see how Compass is holding up as health inspection season is now in full swing.

To start things off, the Compass “Main Kitchen” received a routine inspection Sept. 16 in which they were shown to be non-compliant in five categories. According to the Government of Saskatchewan Health Inspections website, these categories include temperature control, food protection, hand washing, general sanitation, and clean-in-place.

One of these areas was in the temperature control category which stated “Potentially hazardous food is thawed at room temperature or in another unsafe manner.”

This means that food deemed as potentially hazardous by the government in their Public Eating Establishment Regulations document such as “any food that consists in whole or in part of milk or milk products, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, edible crustacea or other ingredients…in a form capable of supporting rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxigenic micro-organisms,” is being left out or thawed in a way that attracts or promotes bacteria growth.

Come a follow up inspection on Oct. 13, most of the issues had been corrected except for the food protection category which states “Food or drink (including water and ice) is not prepared, stored, cooked, processed, dispensed, transported, served or sold in a manner that prevents or minimizes the risk of illness, poisoning or injury to the public.”

The main kitchen isn’t the only area that also ran into issues on their health inspections.

The Grind was non-compliant in three categories on their routine inspection on Oct. 4, for them to all be corrected on the follow up on Nov. 2.

Common Ground Coffee House was non-compliant in two categories on Sept. 16 with none being corrected in their follow up.

Pizza Pizza was completely compliant in their routine inspection on Sept. 6.

Smoke’s Poutinerie was non-compliant in five categories on Sept. 6 with all but one being corrected on their follow up on Sept. 21.

Tim Hortons in the Riddell Centre was non-compliant in five categories on their Sept. 16 inspection. Their follow up on Oct. 4 only had one issue listed, pest control, saying that it is “not designed, and/or maintained to prevent the entry of pests,” and that the facility is not free of pests, either.

Global Village had one area of non-compliance in their routine inspection on Sept. 16 which was corrected in their follow up on Oct. 13.

Finally, Subway was non-compliant in two categories on their routine inspection on Oct. 13.

The Carillon will continue to follow up on any further health inspections that are published in the coming days and as the semester comes to a close.

This is only a breakdown of what is openly and readily available to the public. Full details on non-compliance issues can be found on

Edit 12/20/16: It has been brought to our attention that our usage of the word “failed” is incorrect and that the areas highlighted on the health inspection website are not a “failure” per se, but are areas of non-compliance. This article has been updated to better reflect this.


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