The weird world of sports superstitions

Playoff beards- otherwise known as “girlfriend deflectors”/Haley Klassen

Playoff beards- otherwise known as “girlfriend deflectors”/Haley Klassen

Ranking the top five sports superstitions out there today

Article: John Loeppky – Contributor

From acting like a ballerina on the baseball field to long, stragely playoff beards, the sports world has countless weird and insane superstitions. Even though these superstitions can be talked about and dissected for days, there are five that particularly stand out in the minds of sports fans across the world.


Jumping over the white lines on a baseball field.

Dear New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia,

You are not a ballerina and, as such, should not be trying to jump over white lines in order to obtain better results. You are the most important player on the field—at least in your own mind—and the most athletic in the minds of casual fans. Please, stop jumping over the lines on the base paths. Jumping in the air to avoid someone cosmically shitting on your ERA is more likely to end in you having a more intimate relationship with the ground than it is a perfect game. If you want to give yourself a better chance to win, fix the Yankee’s bullpen or swat that team injury bug with some steroids.


Wearing the same clothes.

Fun fact: Jason Terry wears the shorts of the team he is going to play against the next day when he goes to bed. He is the NBA master of pajamas. I mean we know it must be depressing to play for the Nets, but your solution shouldn’t be to don the clothing of the enemy. I wonder if Mr. Terry, after going through a 7-game series against the Raptors, ever questioned which team he played for. Maybe he’s just lining up to say to an opposing GM: “Hey, I really want to play for your team. I mean I wear every team’s shorts, but yours fit the best.”

Michael Jordan wore his North Carolina shorts from his championship year in Chapel Hill under his Bulls uniform. No word on whether his unabashedly horrific baseball career was caused by his momentous decision to wear Duke ones instead.


Playoff beards- also known as girlfriend deflectors. 

Cheers to the caveman impressions and my totally unsupported opinion that the people who search for bigfoot were Leafs fans in another life. Always wishing for something they won’t attain.



Bill Simmons of ESPN wrote that he would love to see a program given out at NBA games which details each player’s tattoos. As such, I propose that the same be done at baseball games detailing each specific teammates handshake. Also, wouldn’t it be great to see someone in the Blue Jays organization have the title of handshake choreographer? Just so everyone knows, I volunteer for that gig.


Eating the same meal before every practice

Because apparently the consumption of a box of scrumptious KD before every practice is not healthy, who knew? Apparently, not professional athletes as they appear hell-bent to eat everything greasy on planet earth before their untimely, obese, bankruptcy-ridden demise.

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