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The Carillon keeps you updated on the in-and-outs of the U of R

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The Carillon keeps you updated on the in-and-outs of the U of R
by brett nielsen


So much news, so little space

Campion offices relocated to new residence buildings

With the most recent set of renovations underway at Campion College, many of the administrative staff have shifted their home base to a temporary location at the new Kïšik Towers, the University of Regina’s newest residence buildings. It is likely that many of the college’s faculty will not be able to return to their regular spaces until August at the earliest. All of this movement comes as Campion makes big strides in increasing their accessibility by building a new elevator and entranceway as part of their ongoing construction project.


Owl to have varying summer hours while undergoing renovations

The Owl, having seen the relative success of the patio parties that were held last summer, has decided to open its door more regularly over this summer. The bar will be open semi-regularly until July when it will undergo what is being called phase one of renovations aimed at improving the establishment’s atmosphere and overall success. The Owl has seen a resurgence this year, with better food and regularly sold out events. Some have complained that the place does not strike as having the right feel as a campus bar and it seems as if these changes are aimed at correcting that flaw.


MAP faculty installs new branded materials

The faculty formerly known as Fine Arts, having previously replaced the graffiti-style mural in the Riddell Centre, has now installed posters above what is commonly known as the “crush space” at the main entrance at the University. Much like the larger version further down the hallway, the pieces look to encourage students to take a look at the diversity of a creative education. Questions as to whether the old name was better can still be heard from many students, but others claim that it was time for a change.

Food options shift during spring/summer semester

A new semester has commenced and so Chartwells, much like The Owl, has shifted its operating hours. The stir-fry bar is open from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. during the month of May with all of the campus’ regular favourites open periodically. The C-Store in Paskwāw (North) Tower has been shut down in favour of the one in Kïšik being open from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. daily and transitioning to longer hours on the weekends. Also closed are the Subway in the Lab Building, as well as neighbouring Lab Café, Bento Sushi, and self-serve Tim Hortons.


The Carillon introduces new staff members

In an act of shameless self-promotion, the Carillon would like to announce and introduce the new members of staff for this volume, number 59. The list includes: Brady Lang, sports writer; Ella Mikkola, graphics editor; Annie Trussler; op-ed editor; Brendan Hill, technical editor; Alexa Lawlor, staff writer; Laurèn Neumann, advertising manager; and Bodie Robinson, arts and culture writer.

Returning staff who have changed their focus towards new positions are: Hannah Grover, arts and culture editor, as well as Kristian Ferguson, our news editor. Also shifting into a new role as executive director is former op-ed editor Jae Won Hur.

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