The most overplayed songs today

Ever sang "Fancy" drunk to the clerk at the Holiday Inn?/ Nthep

Ever sang “Fancy” drunk to the clerk at the Holiday Inn?/ Nthep

Earworms abound after reading this article

Author: Michaela Solomon

Despite being described as ‘anti-feminist’, Meghan Trainor’s hit, “All About That Bass,” has managed to take over the lives of radio listeners everywhere. Arguably, the controversial subject matter in the song is what led to its success. Trainor can be seen in her music video shaking it ‘like she’s supposed to do’ as she promotes a healthy body image for women with a little extra curve. On the other hand, Trainor’s anthem puts down thin women to drive its point home. Perhaps that small detail is what drives me insane when this song comes on. Sure it’s catchy and nice to jam to in the car but seriously, it doesn’t differ much from all the other repetitive ‘Top 40” pop songs. If you’re anything like me you’ll probably agree that it feels like it’s on every time you turn the radio on and whether you’re all about that bass or not, you have to admit, this song has been played out already. I’ve watched a couple of Trainor’s Instagram singing video’s featuring nothing but her voice and a guitar, and she really does have incredible talent. Unfortunately, I think this song may have ruined her in the eyes of a lot of music fans. I predict that she’s been given her fifteen minutes, and she’ll soon be thrown in the pile with James Blunt and Fountains Of Wayne as another one-hit wonder.

I’ll honestly never have another bad thing to say about Iggy Azalea in my life, but it’s almost to the point where every time I hear “First thing’s first I’m the realest” I’m suddenly thinking of different ways to remove my ears from my head. Seriously, Iggy’s “Fancy” is so damn catchy it’s almost a crime, and I always jam to it when it’s on. [Challenge me to rap the whole song. You will lose.] It’s good to the point that it makes me hate it, because I feel like I shouldn’t love it, but I do. The song has been around since early spring of this year, and it still plays everywhere I go. The radio, The Pump, at my job, in my head at night, you name it. Iggy is haunting me, and I love it. After years of flying just under the radar, Iggy Azalea finally broke into the U.S. pop music scene with “Fancy,” alongside Charli XCX, who was in a similar situation herself. Post “Fancy”, Iggy has released several more chart toppers, as well as a highly successful album, and has been featured by several other artists including Ariana Grande, T.I., and Rita Ora. So, I think it’s safe to say neither Iggy nor “Fancy” will be going anywhere anytime soon. There’s something refreshing about a female rapper who hasn’t achieved Nicki Minaj-levels of suckage, which is why I hope Iggy sticks around for a while.

Last but not least, I think I speak for everyone when I say Pharrell’s “Happy” has just the opposite effect of its intent. This situation is rough because the song is clearly supposed to send a strong, positive image. Unfortunately, I believe it was the obscene amount of radio attention given to “Happy” that is to be held accountable for its total demise. Is it just me, or did this song receive a strange amount of attention for a song that to be honest, doesn’t possess any special novelty? I think I went through phases with this one. When I first heard “Happy” I thought it was a fun, catchy tune. Then, after an entire year [yes, it’s been a year] of hearing virtually nothing else on the radio, the cheery tune and repetitive lyrics were melting my brain. If someone wanted to have every copy of this song burned, taken off the Internet, and act as if it never existed, they would have my vote.


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