Take a hike, buddy (on Wascana Trails)

If you fall down a hill while hiking but no one’s there to see it, did you still break your collar bone? photo nic via unsplash

Rolling hills, a variety of inclines, and a friendly husky are only a 20-minute drive away

Hiking is one of my favourite ways to pass time, both physically and mentally. It is a way to breathe in the fresh crisp air, hear the birds chirp over listening to cars running, and it gets me away from my screen time to looking at beautiful mother nature. It is a “nice escape from reality” as a lot of people may want to say. We all know that we do not have the mountains close by, yet our flat but curvy lands are still great for adventure, and I think are truly underestimated. A good hiking trail that everyone that lives in Regina should experience is Wascana Trails.

There are many reasons why you should spend time at Wascana Trails. First, it is a very close trail to the city, just about 20 minutes out! Second, just picture this: you drive to the trail (which do I have to mention again is only a 20-minute drive), you pull up, and you are on a hill. You see trees amongst trees, and a good chunk of land leading in all different directions.

So, let’s get this hike on! First part is easy – having to go down the hill. Now this does mean you have to go back up the hill again to get back to your car, but it is worth it! Once you go down that hill, depending on the direction you go, it is decently flat from here on out. You have different options that you can take, which makes it fun and different each time you go. If you head straight down the hill from the parking lot you can see a bridge – the only bridge to get back and forth over the water – and you may want to take a mental note on where that is. If you head left or right from the parking lot, you could go on multiple different paths.

Now these are not structured paths, so you can choose multiple lefts or rights and be stuck there for a while. Here’s my take – who does not like adventures? The same thing happens when you cross the bridge, as you can see that there are some hills on the opposite side of where you just parked. If you head toward those hills, you can look at the amazing view once again! All options at Wascana Trails are good options, and you can make it as difficult as you want or as easy as you please. This hike is not like mountains in Banff where they are straight up, or like walking around the lake on solid flat ground with no elevation. There are options!

It’s not always the best method to hike on your own, plus bringing friends (and pets) is way more fun! As far as I am aware, everyone is welcome. There is no parking fee, no access fee, just pure nature. You just drive up, get out of your car, and go down that hill. Now, how you do this hike is up to you. You can walk it, jog it, run it, or bring your bike along and get some good speed. You may want to bring a bell, though, to ding each time you are coming around a corner as you may not be seen through the trees.

One of my ultimate favourite parts is that dogs are allowed if on a leash. If you bring along the family pet know that the water does seem to have a current, so please be safe if they take a swim. As well, this is a place in nature, so keep them close by in case of beavers, skunks, or other animals in general. Keep in mind, I believe there is only one garbage on the cite, so please pick up what your dogs leave behinds (poop) and carry the bag with you to take to the garbage. We have a close nice trail near us, and we want to keep it a clean option for everyone!

One dog to take note of while you are out that your kids might enjoy seeing is an older, cute, and friendly husky that lives nearby. This husky will more than likely not be on leash. Please, do not call the humane society or take him home – his home is close by on a farm, and he knows his way back (or so it said on his dog collar). He is a great tour dog, will show you around the trails if you find him, and makes the trip even better!

I have told you everything about the place but what you need to bring! Now, different people and different bodies need different things. So, you bring what you think you will need most. Although I do recommend wearing a good pair of shoes with ankle support, as you are staying active. Because you are in nature and may trip in a gopher hole, you do not want to end up with a broken ankle. Bring water and some snacks if you want, but keep the garbage! As stated above, there is only one garbage can, but we want to keep this place clean for everyone. If you are someone with not as strong legs and the hills do seem a little discouraging, bring a hiking or walking stick in case you need it. Other than that, you should be set! Dress for the weather, bring some friends, and have fun.

There are hikes everywhere around Saskatchewan that you can enjoy in your spare time if you know where to look, whether on camping trips or just killing time with friends. If you have never hiked before and you want to try, this is a great place to start. If you love hiking and have done lots of hiking in the mountains, this is a great place to stay active and to keep up the endurance during your time away. Take some friends and go enjoy this hike!


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