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Regina College Athletics Hall of Fame unveils inductees from 1910-61

Autumn McDowell
Sports Editor

The sporting scene at what students have come to know as the University of Regina went through many changes from 1910 to 1961, thanks to the contributions of six coaches, 12 teams, and 174 athletes.

Inductees to the Regina College Athletics Hall of Fame were unveiled during a ceremony at the Centre for Kinesiology, Health, and Sport on Sept. 29.

“We are here to recognize our history,” said Dick White, the director of athletics for the U of R.

“Over the years we have had some incredible athletes and coaches represent [our school],” said Vianne Timmons, U of R president. “Today, we honour and thank those individuals that have represented us.”

Out of the 180 inductees to the hall of fame, three were in attendance to take in the festivities of homecoming and participate in the ceremonial ribbon cutting of the plaques.   

The three inductees in attendance were John Lipp (a member of the school’s basketball team from 1959-61), Jerry Adams (a basketball player for Regina from 1943-45, whose greatest accomplishment could be that he helped create the name Cougars), and Merrill Weicker (a dual-sport athlete for Regina, playing both basketball and hockey from 1939-40).

Lipp stepped up to the podium to speak on behalf of the athletes represented in the hall of fame. Lipp went on to deliver a candid speech, where he expressed his astonishment as to the size of the renovated football locker room.

“This dressing room is as big or bigger than our gym was” Lipp joked.

Lipp also said how honoured he felt to be a member of the basketball team and to represent the school. Although the U of R today is a far different place than the school that Lipp went to, the pride and honour of representing your school never goes away.

“Today is meant to honour those of us that put in time here and to those who helped start the tradition of the Cougars, who have since become a national brand,” Lipp said. “They have become national contenders in many sports. They are the Regina Cougars.”

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  1. Ryan Csada 6 October, 2011 at 12:15

    Hi Guys!!
    Nice piece but there were actually 16-20 inductees in attendance.  The three mentioned were at the head table and represented alumni those inductees from the 30's, 40's, and 50's.

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