Sports roundtable – Sep. 22, 2011


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers latest marketing technique gets mixed reviews

Autumn McDowell, Jonathan Hamelin, Sydney Campbell
This Week's Roundtable

What is your favorite sports movie?

Autumn McDowell: My first instinct was to say 3 Ninjas, but then I realized kicking ass isn’t a sport. Then I thought about the Adam Sandler classic Happy Gilmore but I realized golf isn’t a sport either. Final answer: Mighty Ducks, the original. Quack.

Jonathan Hamelin: Remember the Titans. The movie has stellar acting, a compelling storyline and, perhaps most importantly, dynamic football action. It seems Friday Night Lights is regarded more highly than Remember the Titans, but I’m not sure why. While Friday Night Lights documents a football-obsessed culture, there is way too much added drama. On another note, what’s with the hate for Any Given Sunday?

Sydney Campbell: Well, its hard to pick just one sports movie that I would name my favourite, because they all have interesting and unique plots… Oh wait, they are all the fucking same. If you have seen one sports movie, doesn’t matter the sport, you have seen them all. It’s the same plot everytime: usually the underdogs beat the odds and win the title of the best. Give me a break. I wanna see the team lose. That would actually make it realistic.

After losing two quarterbacks, do you think the Rams still have a shot at winning the Vanier cup?

McDowell: I would love to say “yes” with confidence, but I can’t. I mean, the team is 0-3-0; generally, you have to win games in order to make it to the Vanier Cup. I truly hope they turn it around and at least win one game, but the future looks grim for the Rams. Need I remind everyone the Rams were ranked first in Canada West going into the season? I wonder if the top-ranked team has ever gone 0-3-0 before. History in the making.

Hamelin: I think the Rams have a 33 per cent chance of winning the Vanier Cup. Do you get it? One quarterback left out of three? Please, save your laughter for now. I don’t see how any team could function after losing two quarterbacks. The quarterback controls the offence and gets the ball into the hands of the playmakers. No proven quarterback means the playmakers won’t be able to make plays. A stellar Ram defence will continue to spend more time on the field each game and let up points simply due to exhaustion.

Campbell: I don’t actually know what the Vanier Cup is and Google didn’t have a lot to say about it. But, I know one thing for a fact, recently the Rams added a player by the name of Addison Richards. He is such a beast at football. The kid is amazing and our football team will be as well.

Mark Cohon was this year’s guest of honor at the second annual president’s breakfast. Who do you hope is next year’s special guest?

McDowell: That’s a tough one. I was surprised how hilarious Cohon actually was, so I would hope for someone equally as funny. If they lack in the hilarity department, then I would hope they were insanely famous or ridiculously good-looking.

Hamelin: Definitely Henry Burris. You wouldn’t even need to write up questions for him. The entire conversation with Burris would include all of those in attendance berating him and saying, “Booooooooris”. Any leftover food from the meal could be tossed in his direction.

Campbell: Mark Cohon? Um, maybe they could have someone actually impressive perhaps? Just saying.

What do you think of the Blue Bombers latest marketing campaign “Swaggerville”?

McDowell: I somewhat hate it. More than the campaign, I hate the way Bomber fans strut around thinking they are something they clearly aren’t. I mean, it sucks the Riders lost two straight games to the Bombers… oh wait, we beat the Bombers two games in a row. The price is wrong, bitch.

Hamelin: I don’t have a problem with the name Swaggerville. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are, after all, Riderville. But, the problem I, and likely other enraged fans, have with Swaggerville is the cocky attitude seemingly existing among all the residents. The good thing is, when Winnipeg struggles –as it has recently with two-straight losses to the Green and White– Swaggerville can be turned into Staggerville, Beggerville, Laggerville, you name it.

Campbell: Stupid, so very stupid. It’s not clever what so ever. If I need people to explain it to me, it’s not a good campaign. Try harder next year Swaggerville.

Do you think that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will make the Edmonton Oilers’ roster this year?

McDowell: Most likely. I am sure the Oilers will play it up like they are torn and they might send him back to the juniors, but he will stay. The Oilers were last place – it’s not like they are going to get any worse by bringing him in. I realize people will argue he is too young and not ready, but you don’t learn how to compete with the big boys while playing with children.

Hamelin: Based on his middle name, it seems he is a tasty prospect. Watching him skate should leave fans craving more nougat. His puck-handling abilities have been described as delicious. Just one sec, I’m going to go grab a chocolate bar.

Campbell: Sure, he sounds good. I wouldn’t freak out as much as some people are over him. But, as long as he can skate, block, and get goals, he will be golden.

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