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Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges
Blue Note/EMI

Academy-award-winning actor Jeff Bridges brings much of his portrayal as a fallen country music star in Crazy Heart to his self-titled sophomore album. However, how much is too much? The album itself is comprised of ten songs, all of which sound like they were written for the soundtrack to the sequel to Crazy Heart. But they’re still worth a listen. While the songs themselves sound somewhat hollow, as if they were written without any emotional connection to the subject matter, the lovely background vocals and Bridges’ own voice make up for this, especially on album highlight “What a Little Bit of Love Can Do”. Although Bridges’s voice is quite coarse and dense in almost every song, he eschews computer manipulation of it. His voice’s authentic, organic feel makes the complete sound of the album unique and refreshing. The album is worth seeking out for the few true country songs it possesses and, although I don’t think his music career will be nearly as successful as his acting one, Bridges can honestly say he holds a few decent records in his repertoire.

Mathieu Berthiaume

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