Sports roundtable – Oct. 20, 2011


Gene Makowsky: Roughrider by day, politician by night

Autumn McDowell, Sydney Campbell, Britton Gray, Taylor Shire
This Week's Roundtable

Saskatchewan Roughriders veteran Gene Makowsky is running in the upcoming election. Would you vote for him purely because he is a Rider?

Autumn McDowell: No. I’m just going to come right out and say it. I cannot stand politics. I find them dull, boring, and basically annoying. I am sure some people are saying to themselves, “Hey, this kid doesn’t care about her community or her future.” That is simply not true. But seriously, have you noticed a significant difference when one person is in charge in this province compared to another? Because I sure as hell haven’t.

Syndey Campbell: No. If a person really wants my vote, they will need more than just an impressive Wikipedia page to get it. He may, however, come personally to my house and tell me all the beneficial reasons there are for me to vote him in.

Britton Gray: No, I will not be voting for him simply because he’s a Rider. I mean, you’ve seen what they’ve done to fix their problems this year. Also, if we vote someone in just because they’re a celebrity, we will just be trying to be like California, and Saskatchewan’s too cold for that.

Taylor Shire: Makowsky might lose votes because of how crappy the Riders are doing this season. I’d vote for Geno because he is a beauty.

After a relatively dismal season, who do you think will be the Riders head coach next year?

McDowell: “Relatively” HA! This was one of the most pathetic excuses for a season that I have ever seen. Let’s just refer to it as a “mistake” from now on – “season” implies the Riders were not mathematically out with three games still to go. As for a coach next year, is Eagle Keys still available?

Campbell: I personally don’t know or care about the Riders winning or losing rates. I know that our coach is not doing his job that fucking well because we are not in the finals.

Gray: The Riders problems are going to need more than a new head coach, and then this new guy would just get blamed for their troubles; but if I had to pick someone to place the blame on, he might as well have a sick moustache, so I’m backing Bill Cowher.

Shire: Kent Awesome, err, Austin, would be a great guy to take over the Riders team. He left after 2007 to pursue a dream job coaching at his alma mater. But that didn’t work out, so I don’t see why the Riders can’t convince Austin and his family to come back to Riderville.

The Regina Pats are currently at the top of the Eastern Conference standings, how long will they stay out of the basement?

McDowell: Well, I am hoping that they will be at the top of the standings at least long enough to give Bret “The Hitman” Hart a good showing when he is in town on Oct. 20. But realistically, this could be their year. Rumour has it that new head coach Pat Conacher has implemented a “no drinking” policy; this could be incredibly smart however, I also heard that no drinking and no losses makes Pats players go crazy.

Campbell: I didn’t know if the “stay out of the basement” metaphor is positive or negative. So I went on Google and only got hundreds of results about the classic series of Goosebumps books. Also there is a delightful musical on YouTube of two men in their basement singing. Check it out. It’s a must see.

Gray: Maybe they’ll just stay at the top and this is their year. The Riders have been sucking, so maybe it’s the Pats time to dominate the WHL and do something good for Regina sports. Also pigs will fly. I give them another two to four weeks at the max before they begin to suck again.

Shire: Who would have guessed this? It’s a long season. Let’s just hope the Pats can keep it up and then there might be a little excitement for them. Maybe some fans will even show up.

Who do you think is the best player to come out of the University of Regina Rams program?

McDowell: Oh, tough call. I could go with numerous receivers. The school isn’t nicknamed “Receiver U” for nothing. However, I have to go with Jon Ryan, quite simply because he is in the best football league in the world, it only makes sense to pick him. #ramnation

Campbell: I don’t like picking favourites. If they made it into the Rams program they must be top shit!

Gray: Chris Getzlaf because he is one of the top receivers on the Riders right now and he is also one of the biggest names. He was one of the few bright spots of the Riders this year and I believe he will continue to be. He’s also related to Ryan Getzlaf, so that;s a bonus.

Shire: You mean the University of Receivers? The Rams have produced quite a few good receivers such as, Chris Getzlaf, Jason Clermont, Chris Bauman. But the greatest player ever would have to be punter Jon Ryan, who is booting the pigskin with the Seattle Seahawks.

How bout them Jets: They had a terrible showing in their first game, is this a sign of bad things to come?

McDowell: It’s like people somehow thought that the team would suddenly be good. Did people really think that a location move would make them something more than just a swamp donkey?

Campbell: Give them a chance! Although if they were situated in a city with more class – such as, say, Regina – the results would be better. If we are so crazy about football and our Riders, just imagine if we had a hockey team like Winnipeg in the NHL.

Gray: People believed that the Jets would magically do well this year because of their new name and new jerseys, but people forgot one little thing. Deep, deep down, they are still the lowly Atlanta Thrashers, and that’s going to take a couple of years to change.

Shire: They are still the Atlanta Thrashers. Therefore, they still suck. Hey, I think I just passed Logic 100!

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