Sports roundtable – Nov. 25, 2010


We’re going to the Grey Cup

Jonathan Hamelin, Autumn McDowell, Colin Buchinski, Edward Dodd
This week's roundtable

With a record 7-1, the University of Regina Cougars women’s basketball team has been nearly flawless this season. Is it safe to say the loss of all-star post Brittany Read has not affected them that much?

Jonathan Hamelin: Having talked to some members of the organization earlier this year, it is clear that the loss of Read did not deter them from their goal. You don’t get to be good like this team has by giving up when an injury happens.

Autumn McDowell: Obviously. The Cougars bench is way too deep to have one graduated player make that much of a difference. I’m not saying that Read wasn’t good. She was, there is no question about that. However, basketball is a team sport, not Brittany Read featuring others.

Colin Buchinski: A 7-1 record is pretty much indicative it hasn’t affected them that much. They should be a contender once again this season.

Edward Dodd: Losing a player is always hard on a team. I am sure it’s affected them, but they are obviously dealing well with it. Players adjust, and they are adjusting very well, as proven by their awesome record.
The Saskatchewan Roughriders pulled out a 20-16 road victory on the Calgary Stampeders in the West final last Sunday. How sweet was it to beat the Stampeders in the playoffs once again?

Hamelin: It’s amazing, because this franchise has suffered through so much in its existence. Now, we are the team causing another team to consistently lose when it matters the most. Suck on that Calgary!

McDowell: I’m not going to lie, this victory tastes extra sweet. I am going to try and ignore the fact that we came extremely close to losing due to Grice-Mullen, but a win is a win and a playoff win is even better.

Buchinski: It was absolutely AMAZING to beat the Stampeders in their own barn. I loved seeing Nik Lewis, Henry Burris, and Dwight Anderson whining all night long. Stampeder fans came into this game very cocky and karma bit them right in the ass. GO RIDERS GO!

Dodd: Nothing is sweeter than seeing Calgary fail! They are honestly a good team, but they just can’t deal with the almost-magic ability of the Riders to win key games in the playoffs.
The Riders are going to the Grey Cup in Edmonton, which is this Sunday, 5 p.m., on TSN! With the struggles the team has faced this season, did you think they would be back in the Grey Cup at this point? Will you be making the trek down to Edmonton?
Hamelin: I’ll be at the Grey Cup, cheering and screaming until I completely destroy my voice box. Did I always think they’d be here after they struggled for a bit? No. But, I will sure do my best to support them now that they did make it to the big game.

McDowell: I was pretty much certain that the Riders would be back for a little bit of round two, and I was even more certain that it would be against the Alouettes. Unfortunately, I will not be making the trek to Edmonton, but I will have a front row seat from the comfort of my living room.

Buchinski: Based on my previous roundtable answers – you can go back and check if you want – I predicted the Riders to be back in the game and win it. I’m sticking with that.

Dodd: I think I predicted last week they would not make it here. They just sucked at the end of the season and I thought the trend might continue into the playoffs. Luckily, I was wrong. I will not be going to Edmonton … too many essays and I’m just too poor.

What’s going to go down in the Grey Cup game?

Hamelin: Ideally, for the first time all season, the Riders are going to play a complete game and dominate Montreal. It’s certainly possible when you consider Montreal has to travel all the way to Edmonton and also play in weather they’re not used to. Saskatchewan could jump out to an early lead while the Alouettes are acclimatizing.

McDowell: The Riders will get off to a slow start, but will pick things up before the half, at which point there will be a crappy half time show. The Riders and Alouettes will be back and forth through the third, with the Riders pulling ahead and taking it home in the fourth.

Buchinski: The Riders will fall down by 10-12 points early and then pour it on and win the game. Damon Duval will shank many kicks and punts, the fans will be crazy, and the halftime show will be sub-par.

Dodd: Early Montreal lead, amazing Saskatchewan comeback in the second half, ending in a missed field goal by Saskatchewan for the Montreal win. But wait! Montreal had 13 men on the field! Saskatchewan does not fail on the second attempt, we win the Grey Cup!
It’s prediction time, but not regarding the score. How many times will the 13th man call from last season be brought up this week leading up to the Grey Cup?

Hamelin: It will be brought up a lot. Honestly, it deserves to be. It was such an unbelievable play. But, the Riders have the unique opportunity to make people forget about the 13th man by winning the Grey Cup. Winning fixes everything!

McDowell: Oh god. I don’t even want to think about how many times people will bring it up. You would think that we would have gotten used to hearing it by now, but no. It’s still just as annoying.

Buchinski: The 13th man call will be brought up a total of 956 times … daily.

Dodd: No less than 23 times before the game, and definitely every time a field goal is attempted thereafter. I hope Jon Hamelin is going to be keeping count as he watches the game so we know if I’m right.

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