Sports roundtable – Jan. 12, 2012


Canadian hockey fans were drowning their tears on Jan. 3, now we know how every other country always feels

Autumn McDowell, Britton Gray, Colton Hordichuk, Jhett Folk
This week's roundtable

What do you think of Canada’s performance at the World Juniors?

Autumn McDowell: I think that Mark Schneider said it best when he tweeted “running the bath, plugging in the toaster” during the semi-final game against Russia. You can’t top that. Also, how much did Russia pay Ryan Murray?

Britton Gray: I thought they did all right considering this wasn’t one of the stronger teams we have put on the ice. I’m not as disappointed that we lost as I am in the way we lost. We should have lost simply because the Russian team was better, not because they got a couple of lucky bounces off of our player.

Colton Hordichuk: I’m going to take a lot of heat for saying this, but they finished where they deserved to finish. Sweden was the most consistent, Russia was far more talented, and Canada just couldn’t keep up with both teams for the full 60 minutes. Also, there is no doubt that Friberg and Kuznetsov outplayed Stone. Sorry, Canada.

Jhett Folk: They did exactly what I expected of a team with goalie issues. A bronze is perfectly fitting since I felt the Russians and Swedes were in fact better teams.

If you could be unreal at any track and field event, which one would you pick and why?

McDowell: Most people are probably going to say 100-metre dash – knowing that you were the fastest person on the planet would be unreal. Dominating at high jump or long jump or pole vault would be pretty sweet too, but that’s not the kind of thing you can constantly show off. Oddly enough, not many people have a pole-vaulting set-up in their backyard. I’ll go with 100-metre dash so I can get run away from creeps at the bar.

Gray: I’d pick the 100-metre dash because it would be over quick and then I could go out and go to the victory parties way earlier.

Hordichuk: I used to be really good at high jump – then I got a job, discovered fast food, and then one thing lead to another and I just couldn’t lift myself over that bar anymore.  I think the combination of running and jumping is pretty cool. 

Folk: I’d pick the 100-meter or 200-meter dash. Nothing better than being able to compete with the one and only Usain Bolt!

What do you think about UFC fighter Brock Lesnar announcing his retirement after his loss to Alistair Overeem?

McDowell: Part of me was surprised, but a bigger part of me just didn’t care. Overeem is way sweeter than Lesnar. Lesnar had his fun, and now it’s time to return to the make believe world of WWE. Maybe there, Bud Light will pay him something, and steroid use won’t be looked down upon.

Gray: I wasn’t suprised, Brock had his moment in the MMA spotlight, but it was only a matter of time before people would find a way to beat him and beat him badly. Overeem dominated him and used a kick to the midsection and Brock kind of just gave up. He’s simply lost his will to fight.

Hordichuk: My first thought was, “Well, that didn’t last very long.”  It doesn’t affect the UFC in any way. There are far more talented fighters out there.

Folk: I heard the WWE was looking for the next big thing anyways. A Lesnar return would be huge!

The NBA is back. Which team will you be cheering for this year?

McDowell: I’m a Lakers girl. Meaning that I was rather pissed off that Chris Paul was not allowed to go to the team yet the Heat can have three unreal players in a blockbuster trade, doesn’t make much sense to me. However, this will make the Lakers wins taste that much sweeter.

Gray: Well in my heart I’ll be cheering for the Celtics, but I think you have got to keep an eye on the other L.A. team: the Clippers. With David Stern blocking Chris Paul from going to the Lakers, it allowed the Clippers to get him and now they can give the Lakers a run for the No. 1 team in LA.

Hordichuk: You mean basketball hasn’t been played this year? I’m kidding. I don’t watch basketball, but I have watched BASEketball, and my favorite BASEketball team is the Milwaukee Beers. Hey Pierce, I hear your mom is going out with SQUEAK! You know what else was a good basketball sport? Slamball.

Folk: My Bulls, baby! Nothing like watching Derrick ‘Jordan 2.0’ Rose night after night. The man is a machine!

The NFL playoffs start this weekend. Have your teams made the cut?

McDowell: Well I don’t even want to say what my actual favourite team was, because it would just be embarrassing if everyone found out I was a Vikings fan. Dammit. But I just have one more thing to say: Tebow. Boom.

Gray: Sadly no, my Cowboys just couldn’t pull through when it mattered and played classic Cowboys football where a playoff type game is more of an exhibition game to them. I am glad Tebow made it and can’t wait to see him in the playoffs. He’s been clutch all year and the playoffs are all about coming through in the clutch

Hordichuk: I finished last in my NFL pool, and the Colts are horrendous.  As far as I’m concerned, the NFL playoffs are just another excuse to get drunk. 

Folk: Yes we did! As in the cut for first-pick overall. Andrew Luck here we come. The 2012-13 Colts will be a team to be reckoned with when the legend Manning returns.

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