Sports roundtable – Dec. 1, 2011


Move over basketball, it’s hockey season

Autumn McDowell, Britton Gray, Jonathan Petrychyn, Colton Hordichuk, Taylor Shire, Natasha Tersigni
This week's roundtable

The U of R women’s basketball team is currently undefeated. How long will the streak last?

McDowell: Well, I can almost guarantee the streak will last until at least 9-0, as their next two games are against Brandon, the worst team in the conference with a perfect un-undefeated record of 0-8. If the Cougars lose to them, I wouldn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Probably laugh, then move on, but there would be a ten-minute period there where I would be inconsolable.

Gray: As long as they want. If they work hard and stay focused they can go as long as they want, but if and when they do lose, I just hope they don’t pull a Vancouver and riot.

Petrychyn: Their Christmas hangovers will be their downfall.

Hordichuk: I’m going to guess four more games. I don’t know; I don’t watch our basketball team. I’m too busy watching both of my favourite professional teams dwell in the basement of their respected leagues.

Shire: The streak will likely last longer than the streak in Justin Bieber’s gitch after he found out he was going to be a daddy.

Tersigni: Until Joanna Zalesiak’s attitude problem starts to effect her playing. How good of basketball player is she if she had to come to Regina from Poland to play at the university level? Also, Zaleisak, if you’re going to ref rec basketball, maybe you might consider learning how to ref. WHEN YOUR FEET ARE PLANTED AND SOMEONE HITS YOU IT’S A CHARGE.

What sports-related gift do you want for Christmas?

McDowell: I want tickets to two NHL games, I want to watch the game from the press box, have full locker room access afterwards, and be able to interview all the players and go to the coaches’ press conference. I have a feeling that Christmas is going to come a little early this year. 

Gray: The best gift I could receive is for both the Dallas Cowboys and The Tebow-led Broncos to make the playoffs. It may come late, but that would make my Christmas amazing. An Ottawa Senators hat would also be very appreciated.

Petrychyn: Can I have Sidney Crosby for Christmas?

Hordichuk: The NHL’s online shop has a toaster that literally burns your favourite team’s logo onto the bread. I want that. I want a new croquet set too. The mallets that belong to my old set are chipped and could probably be used as a sharp weapon.

Shire: Does Maria Sharapova come in a box? Wait, what was that about Maria Sharapova’s box? I wouldn’t mind letting her string my racket.

Tersigni: The book Rowing Faster by Volker Nolte, a new water bottle, and an indoor bike trainer.

Who is your pick to win the World Juniors this year?

McDowell: C-A-N-A-D-A all the way! I am fully aware that we’ve lost in the gold-medal game the last two years – please God don’t remind me – but I would be utterly shocked if we made it three years in a row without striking gold.

Gray: CANADA! CANADA! It’s tough to think anyone but Canada is going to take it, so I’m going with my Canadian heart here, but the Russian and American squads will be tough challenges as always.

Petrychyn: Doesn’t Canada win this like every year?

Hordichuk: I feel every team Canada world junior fan needs to be reminded of this epic cheer, “Eh, O’ Canada go! Eh, O’ Canada, go! Eh, O’ Canada go! Eh, O’ Canada, go!”

Shire: Denmark is probably going to be the most improved team this year. I mean, they weren’t even in the tournament last year! Look for them to score at least three goals throughout the tournament.

Tersigni: The Russians. Canadians are too cocky, the Swedes suck, and let’s face it, no one else matters.

How ’bout Sidney Crosby.

McDowell: What can I say, the Kid is good. Though his numerous commercials may be incredibly awkward to watch, as his acting skills are not quite up to par, his skills on the ice are smokin’. See you in a month Sid – you people think I’m kidding about this, but I’m not; stay tuned.

Gray: I’m not a fan of the guy but I’ll admit he’s been doing better than I would have expected. After being on the shelf for that long I thought it would take a while before he got back into his old form, but eight points in four games is damn impressive. Crosby’s next challenge: growing a good playoff beard.

Petrychyn: Anything I would say about Sidney Crosby probably wouldn’t be fit for publishing; suffice it to say that I’d let him spear me.

Hordichuk: I’m so shocked Autumn put this question in the roundtable. I hope Crosby gets put out for another 10-12 months and Fleury chokes and gets traded. Did I mention the Penguins suck? #justkidding #autumnisgoingtohatemesomuch

Shire: How about his new Dempsters commercial? I mean, what can’t this guy do? Now I have to cross sandwich making off the list of things that I can do better than Crosby. At least I have one thing left: ability to grow a moustache.

Tersigni: I have a date with him on Dec. 23; I’ll let all you readers know how it goes. And by date, I mean I am going to be in his locker room at the Jets game interviewing post-game. Hopefully he’ll be wearing nothin’ but a towel.

If you could ask anything to a Winnipeg Jets player, what would you ask and who would you ask it to?

McDowell: Dustin Byfuglien, are you going to the mall later?

Gray: Dustin Byfuglien, and I’d ask him how it felt to win the cup with the Chicago Blackhawks. Then after that I’d ask if he wants to party.

Petrychyn: Are you guys gonna suck as much as the Bombers?

Hordichuk: I’d ask Tanner Glass what his favourite Norm Macdonald SNL skit is, seeing as Glass also follows him on Twitter. I have tickets to see Macdonald live at the Casino Regina in February and I’m itching for some good YouTube recommendations – that’s if NBC didn’t remove his videos already. 

Shire: I would ask Dustin Byfuglien how many broads he had on his boat when he got arrested for boating while intoxicated. I bet he was sipping on scotch, reading a book, and smoking a cigar with his feet up. Haha, yeah right.

Tersigni: Andrew Ladd, what are you doing tonight?

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