The Carillon at Sask Fashion Week

Stylin' hard / Arthur Ward

Stylin’ hard / Arthur Ward

Some steamy sexiness

Article: Kaitlynn Nordal – Contributor

“Suit up because it’s going to be Legen.. wait for it.. DARY.” This line made famous by Neil Patrick Harris is the perfect way to describe 2014’s Saskatchewan Fashion Week.

Being hosted again by the incredibly funny, Saskatchewan born, award winning actress, and producer Amy Matysio, there was never a dull moment.

The May 8 show consisted of three retailers and seven designers.

Moonstar Designs was eye catching with all their bright colours. Ester Knight put on a fantastic show with her models being from the ages of eight to thirteen. With the goal of creating “garments that empower young girls’ confidence,” this was definitely accomplished.  All of Knight’s models looked like they were having the time of their lives.

Right after Knight’s show came War Paint by Stevie Crowne. Being known for his out there style and use of studs and spikes, the audience was in for a treat.  Out of all the designers, his models showed the most skin. With his two male models only wearing jackets, pants, and accessories such as hats or gloves and the women wearing onesies, crop tops, high-waisted shorts, and accessories, show was the steamiest.

Last but not least was the designer everyone was waiting for. The incredibly talented Dean Renwick stole the show. Starting his show off with a sexy video before all his models came out in his newest designs was definitely the perfect ending to the night.

May 9 consisted of four retailers and six designers.

Having Queen V Fashion House and Zoe’s Boutique paired together, they put on an amazing runway show. Everything was put so elegantly together. These two combined were a force of nature.

Janis Procyk of Prahsik designs felt inspired for her Fall/Winter 2014 collection by all the evil queens in fairy tales. This was very apparent by her use of colours of accessories.

On the last night there were two retailers and eight designers.

At only fifteen, designer Sage Wosminity did an amazing job with her line. Her designs are very sophisticated, while also being fun and wearable.

Danine Schlosser of C’est Danine Designs creates all her clothes with the idea of “Be alive, be yourself, be fashionable.” Her designs for that evening were very 1920s Gatsby inspired and were absolutely incredible. Having all her models come out at the end holding signs as she held a movie marker, Schlosser dedicated her show to Sarah Jones.

Jones died in February on the set of the movie she was working on when she fell to her death. Schlosser, who had previously worked in media and television, wanted to take that moment to talk about workplace safety.

Laurie Brown closed Saskatchewan Fashion Week this year, and she did not disappoint. Brown surprised everyone and stole the show as she stayed on the catwalk the whole time and actually changed her models clothes on stage, changing a jacket to a pair of pants, for example.

This year, the Fashion Forward and Emerging Designer award went to Janis Procyk of Prahsik Designs.

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