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Tables, all the tables!

  1. As fall quickly turns to winter, which are your favourite winter sports and why? Which ones do you hate?


Matt: My favourite winter sport is the one where I can sit inside and avoid the “winter” part. So that means no hockey. Basketball is always solid; NBA League Pass helps with that one.


Ethan: Well, hockey used to be a big one, but now I only watch the Stanley Cup at best. I’ll probably have to go with snowboarding. The way those guys can shred powder, just an adrenaline rush.


Kon: While as much of a die-hard hockey fan that I am, as well as the

sheer lack of any actual ski hill within a two-hour radius of Regina, it is skiing. The feeling that I get when going down a hill/mountain, when the sharp, cold wind hits my mask as I go down, is one that I seldom get anywhere else. The pure joy and excitement from not only going fast, but as well weaving through and around trees, the breathtaking views, are something I wouldn’t trade for anything else in this world.


Destiny: Curling. I love curling. For real. Such strategy. Much skill. Also, I used to be a kick-butt curler, so I’m biased. And, I hate hockey. Most boring sport of life with way too long of a season. Hockey needs to die.


John: I really do like hockey, I swear, and yes I know I blabber on about basketball every day. My least favourite has to be curling. I realize it’s a Saskatchewan staple, but the wheelchair version just leads to me being cold and hating life. Sledge hockey is much more fun to watch than either, though. Who doesn’t want to watch an amputee repeatedly slam people into the boards…just me…fine. Just kidding, those are my friends. The local team is the Avengers and I wish I were good enough at the sport to join them. Meanwhile, Matt’s just jealous that my disability could let me be part of the MCU.


  1. Do you think that Team Canada got lucky in the World Cup of Hockey, or, like some, do you think it was just pure skill?


Destiny: I legitimately have no idea what this question is referring to…#concussionproblems.


Kon: Canada is by far the most skilled team, and there was no way, unless by some huge upset in the Semi-Finals, that Canada was not going to win this. And they didn’t even have all of their best players there! The team had so much depth that if all of the other hockey countries put together a team with all of the best non-Canadian players, it would still get destroyed by Canada.


John: I think the tournament was good and that Canada overwhelmed their competition with their various skill sets. Had the USA not imploded versus Team North America, I think we wouldn’t be talking about the event being so one-sided. That said, I just hope this doesn’t mean NHL players miss the Olympics in 2018.


Ethan: We won the World Cup?


Matt: I would speak confidently on this one if I had paid even one millisecond of attention to the World Cup of Hockey this year. I heard some people did things, and scored goals, and some didn’t do things, and didn’t score goals. Go team!


  1. Do you think the campus’ interest in the Rams will translate into more fans for the Cougars during the rest of the year?


Kon: No, because truly what draws people to games is winning. If the

Rams are winning games, but all of the Cougars teams are not, then people are not going to show up to watch them.

I certainly hope so. The Rams are always the focal point of the U of R’s sports teams, so if they do well, which they have been, hopefully it means other teams can jump on that attention wagon. Just like almost every university in North America, everything rides on the school’s football program.


John: Since I’ve already rambled on about this one, I will keep it short. I’m not sure, but I hope so. They sure have begun the athletic department’s year with a bang.


Destiny: Probably not…unless other Cougar teams actually start kicking butt and owning their league. I mean, I’m pumped for the Rams and would love to go to a game now. But, volleyball? Yeahhh not so much. The less “W’s” the less interest.


Ethan: Here’s hoping! There definitely should be more focus on our teams and the Rams recent success should be just thing to do it.


  1. What’s one campus sporting event you wish got more interest from the campus community?


Destiny: Softball. Except we play off campus…so I guess we don’t really count. Sad.


John: All of the fundraising that goes on for our various sports teams. Forget cabarets and steak nights, what about the fact that some teams can be found in the Riddell Centre slinging baking to make a buck? Did I just make a bartending analogy that featured candy? Sure did.


Ethan: Well, being a football guy, that’s a bit tricky due to the Rams fantastic season right now. I’ll say softball, though, ‘cause I’m sure a certain production manager will be cheering.


Kon: The hockey teams (male and female) really need to get the love that the Rams get. Since the Rams have buses that takes residence students to the game, why not do the same for hockey?


Matt: I don’t have a good answer to this, because I don’t pay much attention to campus sports anymore. But one “sporting” event I guarantee you I would go to is University of Regina professional wrestling. How much fun would that be? Laying the smack down on fools, while you relieve stress before midterms!

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