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Uni design gets a (hypothetical) makeover

The Regina Rams have had one of the most recognizable looks in the Canada West. With the iconic Ram helmet to the stories green and gold, the Rams have quite the noticeable threads.

But, what if the team ditched the historical look to something a more modern? It for sure worked out for the Huskies! Why not the Rams?

For the last couple seasons, the CFL has debuted some really forward designs. Through the eyes of many college football teams, however, jerseys are the most marketable thing in their programs. Take the Oregon Ducks for example. Do they even have a designated home and away jersey? Their budget is certainly bigger than the Rams’, but why didn’t they try to put out alternate jerseys for special games like the Saskatchewan Huskies do so well?

My idea when coming into designing a jersey for the Rams comes with the idea of the Huskies and how their threads look for their annual blackout game. Now, this is extremely rough at this point, but here we go!

First off, we’ll go with the helmet. It’s simply redesigned to have a facelift rather than the swirl on the sides of the helmet. The green-and-gold is replaced with a deeper, more realistic gold to give a new era feel to the lids. This look does feel a little bit more modern, with the realistic horns on the side of the helmet with three colours: black, gold, and white.

The numbers are the most interesting part of the jersey. Instead of a standardized double-number look, the “hockey style” look will be adopted into the design. The look worked on many of the CFL teams, as well as the Huskies, but hasn’t caught on in other leagues. The letter work for the numbers needs a little bit of work, but I like the addition to the number on the chest, rather than the large numbers. The large crest of the Rams is re-coloured, with gold-and-green being the main two colours on the logos.

On the shoulders, instead of the original Ram horns, a simpler stripe is seen to show off a fresh new look.

The pants don’t change much, but they cap it off with a gold base.

The Rams have traditionally looked great, but a new facelift would give a new and fresh feel to the rejuvenated roster and young team that coach Bryce has been taking into the new era of Regina Rams Football.

It may be a rough draft, but with a few tweaks, how cool would it be to see these jerseys on the field for a special game somewhere down the road for the Rams? Sometimes change is good!

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