Sports fives- the World Cup

I wonder why the guys with the Argentinian jerseys aren’t smiling…/Haley Klassen

I wonder why the guys with the Argentinian jerseys aren’t smiling…/Haley Klassen

Tim Howard can stop literally anything

The World Cup has officially ended, and the planet is still buzzing about what many consider the best World Cup in recent memory.

From ridiculous individual performances, to downright pitiful showings by great teams, this World Cup had an endless supply of crazy moments, and I am going to do my best to give you my top five moments.

 In addition, just because it is easier on my brain, I am going to be referring to it as “soccer,” sorry in advance to the international students at the U of R reading this.

5. Robin Van Persie “Flying Dutchman”

We all know just how graceful soccer players can be, albeit a bit overdramatic in their flopping, but Robin Van Persie of the Netherlands took it one step further with his goal vs. Spain.

Now nicknamed the “Flying Dutchman”, Van Persie took a perfect volley over top of the defense, and headed the ball over the Spaniard keeper. Much like many of the other great moments in this World Cup, the Internet took it to the next level including photoshopping the Superman “S” on the front of Van Persie’s jersey.

4. Germany Rocks Brazil in Semi-Finals

This was supposed to be Brazil’s year.

They had one of the great all-around teams, as they do most years. One of the soccer world’s great young stars in Neymar, and were backed by millions of diehard Brazilian fans in their own backyard.

What a surprise it was to see them be demolished in the semi-finals by the German team. Goal after goal with hardly any resistance, and just seeing the faces of the shocked and horrified Brazil fans will stick with me until the next World Cup. 7-1 is a crazy score in soccer in general, let alone on the biggest stage against one of the world’s great soccer nations.

3. Luis Suarez Takes Bite Out of Competition

This has to go down as one of the all-time weird moments in World Cup history, when Uruguay’s Luis Suarez decided to just bite his opponent in plain sight of the referee.

While Suarez is one of the great talents in soccer, he has a notorious reputation for being quite the scumbag. This is not the first time he’s been caught biting, and has been suspended nine matches in international play, and a total of four months from all soccer. Keep your teeth to yourself next time, Luis.

2. Tim Howard Becomes an American Hero

Soccer is not the biggest sport in America, but it managed to captivate the nation over the past few weeks, highlighted by the amazing play of goalkeeper Tim Howard.

While the Americans lost in the round of 16, Howard played some of the best goalkeeping in recent World Cup memory, including making an astonishing 15 saves in his attempt to keep the outmatched Americans in the match.

Alas, Belgium won, but now Tim Howard is may be the most beloved man in the US.

1. Germany Dominates En Route to Fourth World Cup

What else would be the top World Cup moment?

Germany thoroughly dominated the World Cup this year, and won their fourth in their countries history. Outscoring the total competition 16-4, the Germans went 6-0-1, with their only tie coming against Ghana in the opening round.

Combine this with the fact that Miroslav Klose became the all time leader in World Cup goals, and the Germans could not have had a better World Cup run in 2014.

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