The stadium throwback: authenticity vs. aesthetics

A soon to be outdated stadium/Haley Klassen

A soon to be outdated stadium/Haley Klassen

The nostalgia versus. the flash

Article: Suzanne Barber -Contributor

From the Bird’s Nest in Beijing to the Cowboys AT&T in Dallas, there’s no doubt, stadiums are bigger and better than ever.

HD screens, bigger scoreboards and aesthetics woo fans; however, the most relevant (and iconic) stadiums remain some of the oldest. Here are 5 iconic and retro stadiums that offer an unparalleled game-day experience through authenticity, passion, and history.

1. Lambeau Field

 Year – 1957

Team – Green Bay Packers

Capacity – 80,735

The Green Bay Packers are owned by their cheese-head residents who (quite literally) shut down the city on game day.

Although Green Bay has a population of only 105,000, the stadium is packed full every game—it has been sold out since 1960! Tradition and history permeate this stadium, providing fans with a nostalgic, intimate experience.

2. Wrigley Field

Year- 1914

Team – Chicago Cubs

Capacity – 41,160

Wrigley field is the second oldest ballpark in the MLB and will have its 100th birthday this year.

If you are lucky enough to take in a Cubs game, you will see the original, manually operated scoreboard and the signature ivy-covered bleacher wall. It is likely that you will go to a game in the afternoon, too—lights weren’t added to the park until 1988 and matinee games are still common.

3. Soldier Field

Year- 1924

Team- Chicago Bears

Capacity- 62,871

Although Soldier Field is the smallest stadium in the NFL, the passion of Bears fans creates an electric atmosphere. Renovations to the stadium have occurred; however, the iconic stadium has not altered the most authentic design features, including the soldiers’ monuments and towering pillars.

4. Fenway Park

Year – 1912

Team – Boston Red Sox

Capacity – 37, 493

Any baseball fan (or sports fan in general) is familiar with Fenway Park.

Rather than boasting about big screen TVs, Fenway boasts about the many quarks of the stadium, including the well-known “Green Monster”. Fenway is the oldest ballpark in the MLB, but it the game-day experience continues to dominate the league.

5. Wimbledon Centre Court

Year- 1922

Location – London, United Kingdom

Capacity – 15, 000

The Wimbledon grounds consist of 19 grass courts, eight American Clay courts and five indoor courts.

Although some of the 42 acres are in use all year, the prestigious Centre Court is only used two weeks of the year for the Grand Slam. Strawberries and cream, a dress code and a royal suite all contribute to a unique Centre Court experience.

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