U of R Athletics pursuing fundraising efforts

U of R Cougars Ethan Butterfield

Battling back against the effects on COVID-19.

The University of Regina Athletics community has been doing their best to continue funding for programs during the difficult time frame of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic, the student athletes of the community have seen a massive dip in finances and now have been trying to make up the losses through donations. A general statement regarding the U of R Athletics situation can be read just below:

“The COVID-19 pandemic may be keeping us apart but now – more than ever – we need to pull together as a community to support our student-athletes whose lives have been impacted by COVID-19. The pandemic has meant that funds, normally raised through youth summer sports camps and special events like golf tournaments, were not able to be raised this year. This loss of funding will have long-term negative impacts on student-athlete scholarships and teams’ program enhancement budgets (recruiting, non-conference travel, sport technology, student-athlete leadership development, etc).”

Those interested can choose how much they wish to give. As well, there’s options available for those who wish to donate to specific athletics programs, or if one wishes, they could just donate to the athletics area that is in need the most.

For more details regarding the U of R Athletics situation, Braden Konschuh, the U of R Sports Information Director, was able to provide more information with regards to what has been impacted; stating that:

“The effects of the pandemic have meant the loss of many sources of funds including the Recreation & Athletic Fee, which is not being charged to U of R students this semester.”

On a more positive note, Konschuh discussed the results of the fundraising campaign while also making note of where the costs will be directed towards. 

“We’re extremely grateful for the financial contributions and promotion from our alumni groups we’ve received so far. Donations have exceeded $33,000 since our campaign began in late August, and this support will be directed towards scholarship funding for student-athletes, future travel and recruiting expenses, and other program enhancements.”

The U of R Cougars were also quite grateful, as they sent out a video message through their Twitter account giving their thanks for the gifts that have been received. As well, they also provided updates regarding practices and reassurance towards program investment. 

As mentioned earlier, those wishing to donate can check out the U of R Athletics website. On top of being able to select specific programs to fundraise and choose how much to contribute, individuals interested can also reach out anonymously or through their company.

So, despite the ongoing issues that are being faced, the current money being raised is providing much needed services for student-athletes to continue pursuing their athletic careers. As well, these funds go towards the futures of other student-athletes that have yet to get started. All in all, it’s fair to say that things are looking just a bit more upbeat within the U of R Athletics community as they continue to work hard with their fundraising efforts. 

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