School’s Out


Soundchecking literally right underneath the Carillon's office are heavy metal alien overlords GWAR; they play tonight in the Riddell Centre. I interviewed GWAR last year, and went to their show, and frankly if you've got the cash for it (though who does at this time in the semester, amirite?) then it's probably the most fun opportunity to get covered in blood, urine and other fluids that you'll have all year!

Also going on tonight: the Lonesome Weekends at O'Hanlon's, the Godard Project at the Regina Public Library Theatre, and everyone working on assignments and wishing that the semester was over already. That's the word on the street, anyhow.

(And if you're wondering about more serious news, yeah, we saw this – we're trying to put together something about it. Kyle Addison spoke with us today and the Canadian Federation of Students' Dave Molenhuis will be speaking with us after the CFS has finished its official statement regarding the brief. We'll have that ready and exclusively online next week sometime.)

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