The dismal state of your double-doubles



There’s collective blame to go around for the dismal state of our restaurants.

A couple weeks ago, Carillon news writer Derek Cameron reported on a story detailing the utterly putrid state of numerous University of Regina restaurants, and how a number of them ended up failing their health inspections. Much like the infrastructure problems of the University, one has to wonder how long this problem has been ignored, and why nothing has been done about it sooner.

So, not only are we worried about the roofs above our heads and the crumbling classrooms, students now have to worry about the food that they have to ingest on a daily basis, in order to fuel them through the dregs of November and into those three weeks of hell that we call finals.

While many of these problems were fixed somewhat quickly, the question is why things were ever allowed to deteriorate to this extent in the first place? And, in the case of Tim Horton’s, how was it allowed to get to the point where, “Food or drink (including water and ice) is not prepared, stored, cooked, processed, dispensed, transported, served or sold in a sanitary manner or under sanitary conditions. [The] food facility is not free of pests and; a portion of the food facility is not kept clean, and/or in good repair?”

The even more bewildering part of this situation is that since the article ran three weeks ago, I have had numerous students talk to me about why we would run an article like that.

Why would the Carillon ruin the eating experience for so many students on campus? If the administration isn’t going to care about the quality of the building that you get your education in (or potentially live in), and if they aren’t going to care about the state of the establishments that you spend your hard earned money at, shouldn’t someone at least attempt to care?

To most of these people, I’ve jokingly retorted that now they don’t ingest mouse poop, and have saved them a couple of dollars that they would have otherwise spent on a crappy breakfast sandwich from Tim Horton’s, or something equally unappetizing from Common Ground or Brewed Awakening. This is extra money that you can now put toward the ever-increasing tuition that URSU seems content to watch rise every year.

Another added benefit? You don’t have to stand in that god-awful Tim Horton’s lineup for 30 minutes just to get the small coffee that will fuel you through your Statistics 100 class.

While the administration, Chartwells, and the restaurants each deserve a certain share of the blame when it comes to the state of their establishments, students should not get off the hook here, either. The U of R administration constantly gets away with that kind of stuff that wouldn’t be tolerated at Greendale Community College. The amount of student apathy towards activities of the U of R administration has given them free reign to do what they want, simply because they know that many students won’t care enough to stand up against them.

Finally, in regard to the new dining hall proposed by the administration, I just hope that they take the time to mouse-proof it before they start serving overpriced, crappy food.

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