What it takes to be a Cougars three-point legend

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Faith Reid chatted with our sports writer on gameplay, mindsets, and sports attire best

Last week, the Carillon did an interview with head coach of the women’s basketball team, Dave Taylor – and in that same week, the team had games against the Bisons (U of M) and the Huskies (U of S). We wanted to keep the theme of basketball going as the season has just begun, so this week we did an interview with Faith Reid, who already ranks eighth place in school history with 97 career three-point shots. So, let us get to know the basketball career that Reid has!

What is your coolest signature move?

Reid states her go-to move when she is feeling the pressure from the opponents is a shot fake with a dribble between the legs, then a step back and a three-point shot. Which we know she is good at!

Can you personally dunk? Is there anyone on the Cougars Women’s team that can dunk?

There is no one who can dunk that is on the Cougar Women’s team.

What do you personally feel like you are better at, playing offence or defence, and why?

Personally, for Reid, it is not about playing on the offence side of passing the ball to her teammates with fancy dribbles and passes or the defence where she has to close-out really fast. No – for Reid, her importance of the game is to always score points!

What is your team’s go-to bench cheer when the game is close, and your team is playing defence to put the pressure on the other team?

The women’s basketball team go-to is “defence, with some poorly timed clapping in between.”

What are the most challenging parts of basketball for you and why?

“For me the biggest challenge is mental. Being able to get out of a bad mindset mid-game or after a mistake is always hard, and I like to be perfect so accepting it and moving on to be able to play the game better has always been a challenge for me.”

What is the most rewarding part of basketball for you? Why?

The most rewarding part of the game is winning, along with creating many strong memories with the team.

What do you like especially about watching and playing basketball?

The strategy of the game, and the flow of how a team or player is so specific and unique to each person.”

What is your go-to sport brand of clothing that you wear the most for training?

Well, [for] the team it’s Under Armour, but I wear Puma shoes and for shorts I use Hercourt which is a female owned business out of BC.”

What is your go-to move when you are pressured by an opponent?

For Reid, as we know, she is good at three-pointers, so from her perspective why not shoot another when the pressure is on – it’s gotten her this far!

Now you know how all the three pointers are made on the team – the answer (for now, at least) seems to be Reid! You also got to know her sense of style, which by the looks of the Hercourt website involves supporting women and making sure they have the equipment and attire needed to perform at their best.


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