Sask Party begins privatization of GTH


author: taylor balfour  | news writer

GTH sell off / jeremy davis

Global Transportation Hub sparks controversy

Less than a year after the announcement that Saskatchewan’s Global Transportation Hub (GTH) was facing a $37 million debt thanks to not meeting their land sale goal, they continue to face more issues. 

In April 2018, the Carillon released an article describing the debt and issues surrounding the GTH and the ways in which they were selling parts of their land. One of the issues was that land that had been appraised at $20,000 per acre was sold to the GTH for $78,000 an acre. This was only one of the issues with the GTH, however. 

In response to the backlash, GTH released a press statement in May 2018 entitled “GTH, transportation stakeholders gather in Winnipeg” in which they stated they would “[bring] together industry leaders from across the four western provinces to discuss issues related to moving goods and people to domestic and global markets.” 

“With the critical role of transportation making headlines in Western Canada,” the release claimed, “the Global Transportation Hub (GTH) will join the Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC) spring forum to discuss improvements to transportation systems and supply chains in Western Canada.” 

Many issues surrounding the GTH a year ago were in regard to how the Sask. Party handled GTH’s land deals, with opposition parties, such as the NDP, calling for the Sask. Party to release info about the GTH land deals. 

“Today, Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commissioner ruled that the Sask. Party inappropriately hid the Premier’s use of a private email server housed at the Sask. Party office,” an NDP press statement from 2018 states. “In light of the ruling, Saskatchewan’s NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to release to the Auditor all e-mails related to the GTH, hidden on the Sask. Party’s private server.” 

Now, in 2019, the GTH faces an even bigger issue, that being that the Sask. Party has decided to cut ties with the company, thus leaving it up to privatization. 

The Government of Saskatchewan released a press statement on Jan. 4 entitled “Transition At The Global Transportation Hub” which discusses the decision, the changes that need to be made, and how they are to proceed. 

“Minister Responsible for the Global Transportation Hub (GTH) Don Morgan confirmed today the Government of Saskatchewan’s intention to move forward with the divestment of the GTH,” the statement begins. 

The statement also claims that the current president of the Global Transportation Hub, Chief Executive Officer Bryan Richards, “will not be a part of the transition,” and that instead Matt Schroeder, “the organization’s current Vice President of Finance will serve as Acting CEO.” 

The statement also claims that the The Global Transportation Hub Authority Act, “a provincial legislation governing the GTH” is to remain in place and not change given the transition.

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